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Nov 1, 2007 09:05 PM

Is there still dim sum in Birmingham?

Not that off-the-menu stuff but the real deal with carts and everything. Any recommendations?

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  1. Nichele, I asked this question months ago after my first trip to NYC. I fell in love with dim sum. But alas, no establishment has been located.

    There will be a Taste of Asia festival in Bham this weekend. Perhaps you can stop buy and ask the purveyors if they know of any dim sum places PLUS you can get some really great food. Maybe they think no one in Bham is interested in dim sum??

    For details on the Taste of Asia go here:

    There are a ton of Asian restaurants participating. Should be good pickings.

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    1. re: sheilal

      I would take Northern (?) or Taiwanese menu dim sum or cart dim sum at this point.

      I will definitely check out this Taste of Asia tomorrow.

      "The countries represented and the restaurants supplying the food are:

      Chinese. Black Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Golden City Chinese Restaurant, Hunan Chinese Restaurant, Top China Buffet, U China Buffet, Mr. Wang's Chinese Restaurant.

      Indian. Aha Bite Indian Restaurant, Curry and Kabob Indian Restaurant, Silver Coin Indian Restaurant.

      Japanese. Ichiban Japanese Steak House, Kimono Japanese Restaurant, Shono Japanese Grill, Sumo Japanese Steak House, Christina Blackburn at AFC Sushi Concession at Vestavia Publix, Joseph Pau at AFC Sushi Concession at Vestavia Wal-Mart Marketplace.

      Korean. Asian Restaurant at Green Springs.

      Vietnamese. Pho Que Huong Vietnamese Restaurant, Green Springs Highway.

      More info here:

    2. Alas, Nichele, there is no more dim sum in Birmingham. A few years back, two restaurants offered dim sum -- including weekend carts. But one (P's Oriental Gourmet, with a wonderful Hong Kong style menu) went out of business and the other just stopped doing it. It's tragic, but unfortunately reflective of the dearth of decent Chinese food here.

      A few restaurants, like Wan's in Cahaba Heights, offer some dim sum as appetizers. But for the real thing, Atlanta's your best bet now (a personal favorite is Hong Kong Harbour on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta. They also do a mean salt and pepper squid there).