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Nov 1, 2007 09:04 PM

Good food on San Bruno Ave?

I'm moving into a new place right by San Bruno Avenue in SF and I was curious what some good restaurants in the area are. From browsing through the boards I've got Zone 88, Johnson's BBQ, and Wing Hing. It seems like there is an abundance of chinese and mexican places along the avenue so any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I've lived out here for a little more than a year, but have still not tried everything. highlights so far...
    Yes to Johnsons...not perfect but can be good and I dig the sauce.
    Yes to Wing Hing...good Chinese bbq and way cheap.
    I like Ling Ling for straight ahead (and a little wacky) chinese.
    Hawaiian BBQ is good for a quick, cheap takeout.
    The Hong Kong place is fun for lunch (I don't remember the name, but it's a number)
    Tiffany's is solid (even good) old school American breakfast but can be Slowwwwwww.
    There's a new pho place that seems popular but haven't been yet.
    Haven't heard anything good about the taquerias.
    The good part is nothing on this street is expensive (save the big dim sum place) so you can experiment freely.
    Welcome to the neighborhood!

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      Is Armanino's Deli still on San Bruno? I haven't been there in ages, but I fondly remember their sandwiches.

    2. I have been working in the area for the last couple of years and San Bruno is a tough nut to crack culinary speaking. As you say, it is mostly Chinese and Mexican cuisine, with none of them being outstanding. The key is knowing what to order.

      I would second most of bdl's rec's with the exception of Johnson's BBQ, which has to be the WORST BBQ in the bay area. However there fried wing dinner is very good and their fries aren't bad, and admittedly their sauce is tasty.

      The taqueria next to Zone 88 (Cinco de Mayo?) does a good carne asada plate, with a large and tasty serving of carne.

      There is another taqueria on the other side of the street near Wing Hing that has some of the worst burritos in the City, but serves very good family style specials.

      The new sandwich place (Beli Deli) across from Subway does a pretty nice job.

      My one visit to the new pho place was pretty mediocre. I believe it was served northern style (i.e. no basil, cilantro or shoots) and the noodles were mushy.

      The other vietnamese place across from Johnson's BBQ used to be a Sugar Bowl. Only the name has changed...

      1. Thanks to the dim sum civil war a few years back, I still go to Imperial Garden (the pink place) for dim sum. It's our antidote to the upscale environment of HK Flower Lounge (which I love): it's spacious, family friendly, and nothing fancy, with a parking lot and quick freeway access.

        It's been a while since we had dinner here; cheap, old fashioned Cantonese food, with occasionally amazing bargains (lobster or lobster noodles).

        1. In addition to Wing Hing, Zone 88, and Imperial Garden, I recommend Red House Bakery on the southern end of the San Bruno Ave. shopping district. They make really good char siu bao, dan tat, dry beef chow fun, pineapple custard buns, sponge cakes (individual -- great with fruit,) rice plates, etc. and they are really inexpensive -- char siu bao and pineapple bao are 70 cents each and they are large.

          Wing Hing Restaurant
          2550 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134

          Zone 88 Inc
          2428 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134

          Red House Bakery
          2818 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA

          Imperial Garden Seafood
          2626 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134