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Nov 1, 2007 08:35 PM

San Francisco: EARLY Breakfast?

Anybody have recommendations for a breakfast place in San Francisco that's open early (like, 6:00 a.m.)? My ideal would be a place unlike what I can find at home (East Coast), but I realize I may not be able to be picky at that hour. Thanks!

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  1. That early you will limited to mainly hotel dining rooms.

    Here's a similar thread I made recently that might be of help:

    1. Campton Place
      Cafe Andree (but not until 7:30)
      Huntington Hotel
      Canteen (but not until 8:00).

      1. This town is not good at early open breakfasts. I've been lamenting that for years.

        1. What day? If it is Sat/Sun that will limit things more? What part of town?

          1. It's a chain but Elephant & Castle English Pub in the financial district at Clay & Batter opens at 6:30 and does a full English breakfast. It's nothing spectacular, but decent. I think the only reason it's open so early is that it has some kind of affiliation with the hotel in its building.