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Nov 1, 2007 08:20 PM

cabrito, san antonio

Looking for recommendations for cabrito in san antonio. Visiting from maryland. Can drive anywhere. thanks

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  1. Mi Tierra Cafe in the mercado is a San Antonio experience. Personally, I like the cabrito at Mi Tierra Cafe.

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    1. re: State St.

      When did you visit? Did you try their cabrito? What made it delicious, in your opinion? How did their take on this dish compare to other versions in town? I only bombard you with questions because details are greatly appreciated on this board. After all, not all "San Antonio experiences" feature truly amazing chow.

      Personally, I like the cabrito at both Karam's (though it's the only thing that I like there) and Los Barrios. I'm also fairly certain that this topic has come up relatively recently, iluvfood1. I'm sure you'll get a few more responses here, but to pull up additional relevant threads, just use the "search this board" link at the top of this page.