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Nov 1, 2007 07:54 PM

Noodle bars in South Florida

Does anybody know any good Noodle bars between Wellinton and Ft Lauderdale???

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  1. I dont know of anything up that way... However, "O" on Lincoln Road in South Beach has a noodle bar, and from what Ive heard, its pretty good. Ive eaten there before but went and sat down at the restaurant and had all different types of skewers and other items that were really good.

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      thanx! next time I'm in Miami I will definetly check it out!!

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        My one lunch at O was pretty unimpressive. I guess the fact that it was overpriced goes without saying on Lincoln Road, but aside from that it wasn't very memorable. Definitely not worth returning for.

      2. This may not be exactly on target but my wife and I are big fans of Pho Hoa on 441 just north of Commercial in Tamarac. Sixteen varieties of Pho and several other noodle dishes as well (here's the menu -

        Pho Hoa Restaurant
        5435 N State Road 7, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

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          There is another tiny place located in Lauderdale Lakes that is excellant! If you were looking for Vietnamese style noodles then give this place a try.

          Pho-Binh Vietnemeese Restaurant
          General Information
          4461 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

          Let me know what you think.

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            Even better check out Siagon Cuisine on 441 in Coconut Creek


        2. While not a true "noodle bar", Joy Noodles in West Palm is really quite good indeed. I go there for lunch/dinner at least once a week and they never fail to deliver a quality product at a great price.

          2200 S.Dixie Hwy, W. Palm Beach , FL 33401
          Just Half Mile South of Okeechobee Blvd
          ( 561 ) 655-5212

          1. Try Five Spice on the south side of Yamato Road one mile west of i-95 in Boca Raton. The menu features Asian street food, but is heavy on noodle dishes, all inexpensive and cooked to order.

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              ...and a new noodle bar just opened in Coconut Creek. It's called MaMa, and it's located in the Promenade Shopping Center on the southwest corner of Lyons and Wiles Roads.

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                Karen and I went to Mama Asian Noodle Bar for lunch Saturday and thought it was pretty good although I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I’m usually pretty leery of pan-Asian restaurants. For us, it’s definitely better than 5 Spice. Here’s the link to their menu:

                I asked our server and he said that Mama is owned by the same people who own Coco Asian Bistro in Ft Lauderdale ( There are definitely some similarities in the two menus.

                Marumi Sushi in Plantation ( has a variety of noodle dishes on their menu and we plan on trying some on our next visit. Everything else we’ve ordered has been great so I have high expectations for the Ramen, etc.

                And just to set matters straight, my recommendation of Pho Hoa (above) was from 2007 when I first had Pho. Since then this has become one of my favorite meals and I search out good local Pho places whenever we travel. For this area, I recommend (in order) Saigon Cuisine, Saigon City, and Pho Binh. All are on State Road 7 in Margate and Lauderdale Lakes.

                Saigon Cuisine
                1392 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063

                Marumi Sushi
                8271 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33322

            2. I agree with recommending Joy Noodles. The Hong Kong noodles are great. I go there often and love it.