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Nov 1, 2007 07:47 PM

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream

Believe it or not, of the most popular flavors years, difficult to find anywhere.......does anyone know where this great Ice Cream flavor is sold in the Tri State area ?

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  1. when would you say it was a popular flavor and what companys made it?

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    1. re: kennycandy

      There is a place in Queens...right near St. John's University.

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        They stopped making it in the 60's when a newspaper article came out that, if my memory is correct, unhealthy ingedients were being added.......It was made by all the major ice cream companies....once that article came out it disappeared
        and never came was very similar to Pistachio, but included small bits of fruit...the only place I seen it sold was in an Indian restaurant in Jersey

      2. There are a couple of threads on Chowhound regarding tutti frutti ice cream; however since the following information will be of interest mainly to NJ hounds, I thought I would post here.

        Yesterday, I bought tutti frutti ice cream at a cash and carry Indian grocery store in Edison. I was told that most such stores carry tutti frutti. The ice cream is apparently made here in NJ by a large Indian food conglomerate based in Union. So, if you have a hankering for this stuff, try your local Indian grocery store or take a trip to Edison.

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        1. re: ambrose

          AMBROSE.........really appreciate your you recall the location of this Indian grocer ?.....I'll be there tomorrow and Im serious.....Thanks again

          1. re: LEOFONT

            I'm afraid I didn't keep the receipt but I can tell you where the store is. It's right next to the Liquor Locker on the south side of Oak Tree Road. From the intersection of Oak Tree and Wood Avenue drive west on Oak Tree. The liquor store and the cash & carry are set pretty far back from the road so you might miss it if you're not careful. There's a huge, run down parking lot in front of the two stores which is what I always look for (I used to go to this liquor store fairly often when I worked in Edison).

            Let me know what you think of this stuff. I haven't had tutti frutti ice cream for almost 50 years but this seems pretty authentic. It's got the candied fruit in it as well as some nuts. It's apparently pretty common in Indian and Pakistani restaurants in NJ.

            1. re: ambrose

              I live in Scotch Plains, so I'll wander in that direction,....tomorrow, wife misses it too, ...I hope after all these years we're not disappointed........Thanks again......

        2. Leofont- This is really weird- I just saw tutti frutti ice cream on the menu of Mirch Masala Restaurant in Bensalem, Pa (Street Road). I commented that I hadn't even thought of tutti frutti in years, and then up pops your old post. And by the way, we thought the food was really good. Have been there for dinner and for lunch buffet, altho we didn't try the tutti frutti. Had no idea it was Indian.

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          1. re: stillnotdon

            If memory serves tutti frutti originated with the Italians. The ice cream as Ambrose describes it sounds a little like Spumoni, sans nuts.

            I always thought tutti frutti FLAVORING was the same as Bubble Gum flavoring. But Bubble Gum ice cream would be just bits of gum/candy thrown into a tutti frutti flavored ice cream.

            1. re: GraydonCarter

              Your right, I seem to recall it being Italian in origin also......well this weekend I'll give it a try,......I'll post here the results.........thanks to all for your input

          2. There was also another ice cream called "Holiday Pudding".......somewhat the same as Tutti Frutti, only it usually appeared in grocery stores around holiday time (Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas) - seems like no one rembers that one either! That was also in the 50's and 60's. Think it was made and distributed by Abbots Dairies. Does anyone remember that?? It was so delicious that I have never forgotten it.

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            1. re: Lisbet

              Well I traveled to Edison, about 20 minutes from where I live, to buy the Tutti Frutti ice cream that I have been missing for many years, on the advise from"Ambrose".....found the store next to the Liquor Locker and bought 2 quarts, at $3.99 each......very good.........they have other exotic fruit based ice creams, which I will try, and their prices are less expensive than the supermarkets.

              1. re: LEOFONT

                Edison is a bit far to travel (from S.Jersey) for some, guess I'll have to do a bit of experimenting and try to come up with a recipe close to the "Tutti Frutti" and "Holiday Pudding" in my own kitchen. Many thanks for the information....defininitely will hold on to it just in just in case I get to go that'a way. :-))

                1. re: Lisbet

                  LISBET........If there are any Indian grocery stores in your area, it's worth just to see the array of exotic flavored ice creams they sell that you won't find in your supermarkets, may find one or more to your liking.
                  Google Indian stores in your county.

            2. i know it's an old thread but a current thread referenced this -

              i believe you wrote you are from south jersey...i grew up there.
              my dad gets all his random flavored ice cream (including tutti frutti on occassion) from this place, they don't always make it but it can be made by request with 24 hours notice -
              Lindy Hop's Ice Cream ParlourLindy Hop's Ice Cream Parlour
              401 South Pitney Road
              Galloway, NJ 08205-9780
              (609) 652-6020

              there is another location which i imagine also has it.
              Lindy Hops
              Place page
              3121 Fire Road
              Egg Harbor TWP, NJ 08234