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Nov 1, 2007 07:21 PM

Nashville - Meat and Three on a Saturday?

My husband and I are in Nashville for a Saturday to go to the Opry. We have dinner plans at Watermark, but we wanted to try a meat and three for lunch. All of the ones I've looked up seem to only be open on weekdays. Can anyone recommend one that's open on Saturdays, or if they are only a weekday thing, some alternative? We were planning on doing the Music Row thing during the afternoon and then dinner and the Opry. Thanks!

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  1. Sylvan Park restaurant is open for lunch Saturdays. It's pretty good, better at lunch than dinner. Occasionally something falls flat -- I had some terribly salty green beans a couple of years back, and the macaroni was hard and dry at dinner time. But all in all, it's good eating, and if you go at lunch, they'll still have chocolate pie -- it sells out by about 1 p.m. They're in neighborhood in the old suburbs west and south of downtown -- at Watermark you're about 4 miles away. Very 'hound-y.
    I think Monell's also serves lunch Saturdays, but I wouldn't swear to it. The Germantown location is very picturesque and the fried chicken is great.

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      Or try Swett's at the Farmer's Market. I don't know if the main Swett's is open on Saturdays too...

      You could try searching the Nashville Scene food listings, you can search by category ("Southern/Meat-and-Three") and the hours should be all posted there for you. It's not exhaustive but a good start.

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        We ended up going to Sylvan Park and it was great. Thanks for the recs! Hubby had the fried chicken and loved it, and we both devoured the banana pudding. We almost went back for lunch the next day! Watermark was good - I loved my husband's dish - arctic char with wild rice in butter, but mine was just OK - fish with a squash puree. The decor was beautiful and it was a very nice dinner overall.