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Nov 1, 2007 06:48 PM


Hey i'm taking out my sister around westwood (UCLA area) or Melrose area...
any good place too eat that's not too expensive?? i guess around no more then 15 dollars per person?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Down Westwood Blvd. from UCLA are a number of Persian restaurants. My favorite by far is Shamshiri, on the east side of the street a block or so north of Santa Monica Blvd. Fine grilled kabobs and shawarma (I prefer their chicken shawarma to the beef), very good koobideh (grilled ground seasoned beef) and a number of stews and even vegie dishes. Lunch specials come with grilled vegies, a salad (I like their sharazi), a mountain of rice, and housemade flatbread. You will eat well, have good service, emerge very full, and it will come in under your $15 per even including a beverage, tax, and tip.

    1. How about Aroma Cafe for Mediterranean? Right next to the Westside Pavilion on Overland tucked away in the corner of a strip mall.

      1. hmm sounds like great places, but my sister's not really into persian/mediterranean food... (btw i loveeee kabobs.. i must go next time :D )

        more like american/italian/asian/comfort food i guess?


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          BLD on Beverly Blvd, Joan's on Third, Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose or Urth Cafe on Melrose. On Westwood Blvd-Fresh Corn Grill.

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            The best place in the village itself is probably Damon & Pythias for their sandwiches. I like going to Ramayani on WW, but that's probably because I'm Indonesian ... I think they have good noodle dishes though, like shrimp curry noodle, singaporean style etc.
            Or head down to Sawtelle for comfort food at Curry House

            Gyu-kaku on Pico is always fun and depending on what you order you should be able to stay within budget ... especially during happy hours (one dish per night is 50% off after 9 pm or before 6, or something like that. It's been a while, so better double check)

          2. There's some pretty good Thai food near UCLA. Try Thai House on Westwood blvd, or Mr. Noodle on Broxton. Mr. Noodle has a wider variety of Asian food but isn't as good as Thai House. But Mr. Noodle has the bonus of being next door to Diddy Riese, which has excellent cookies for just 35 cents and ice cream sandwiches using the cookies for $1.25. So needless to say, I often end up at Mr. Noodle. :) You can easily eat at Mr. Noodle and get dessert at Diddy Riese within your budget.

            For Italian in Westwood, I like Mio Babbo, but it might be harder to stay in budget there. I think a lot of the entrees are around $13, so you won't make it with tax & tip.

            1. As is so often the case when people want a nice setting, good food and service, and good value, the answer is Nook Bistro. Great mac'n'cheese that is paired with a Ceasar salad for lunch, good soups, other salads and wraps. Could even share their fine high-end burger with a salad and get out for your price-point. Nook is on the west side of the 405, in the back corner of the minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry, one block east of Barrington.

              In Westwood Village itself, many favor Damon & Pythias for salads or sandwiches. Indoor or outdoor seating, on Broxton right across from the public parking structure. There is a California Pizza Kitchen just up on the corner. For asian, my favorite in Westwood Village is Thai House, on Gayley across from the Whole Foods. Tableclothes, real glassware, good service, and much quieter than most places in the area. Lunch special combos for under $10, or you could split some mee krob, a curry, and a noodle or stir-fry dish. If you end up in Westwood Village, be sure to stop by Diddy Riese for an ice cream sandwich with choice of cookies and ice cream for $1.25, or three cookies for a buck.