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Where can I get a good loaf of ciabatta bread?

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I just moved to LA, and I have had the hardest time finding a good loaf. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like the Ciabatta bread from Il Fornaio, the have a bread shop in the Manhattan Beach location, not sure about the others. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes and ready to go..

    Il Fornaio
    1800 Rosecrans Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    Il Fornaio
    1551 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Il Fornaio
    301 N.Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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      Trader Joes carries parbaked ciabatta. I believe it is from Il Fornaio - at least it used to be. While it isn't going to blow you away it is more than adequate, and very reasonably priced.

      1. Monte Carlo Delicatessen in Burbank. Any branch of Claro's. Cortina's in Anaheim.

        1. Ralph's carries an artisan line, "Grace" or something like that, great ciabatta.

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            ralph's on lincoln, near maxella, also carries la brea bakery

          2. Mar Vista Sunday Farmer's market has a French bakery which has pretty decent breads. We like their ciabbata rolls, haven't tried the loaf.

            1. In terms of price to quality, I tend to think best deal I've found so far is the Gelson's house brand ciabatta--a rather large loaf for about $2.50. It's good enough that it's become our "regular" fresh bread (although we do splurge on other breads as well.) If possible, buy one right out of the oven, with a nice crunchy crust and soft tasty interior; get it right at the cheese/bread counter rather than one that's been sitting on the shelf for a while. (And plase note I'm talking about the Gelson's house brand, not Victor Benes or any of the other branded breads at Gelson's.)

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                Not all Gelson's have a Cheee/Bread counter. I think the Century City or Marina Del Mar one, and maybe Pasadena.

              2. have you been to Panera? They're located all over the place and have fresh baked bread every day. You can find a location near you: http://www.panerabread.com/

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                  Panera only seem to make ciabatta rolls, not full-size ciabatte, and while they're OK they're certainly nothing special.

                2. I've never tasted it myself but I know Whole Foods bakes ciabatta breads loafs every morning. I know their sourdough breads taste delicious.

                  1. La Brea Bakery! On La Brea near Wilshire. Or, you can find their breads at many supermarkets such as Whole Foods, some Trader Joe's, some Ralphs, some Gelson's, and even Costco.

                    1. If there's a Fresh & Easy near you, try their ciabatta. They are good - chewy outside, softer within. Think they are underbaked so you crisp it up at home. TJ's pretty decent too.

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                          I have not heard good comments about La Brea bakery so I dont buy it. You can look on internet. Forget Whole foods. Their ciabatta rolls at the bakery counter are good but $1.50 each? Trader Joes ciabatta is,I believe, made by Il Fornaio. Dont want to drive to Manhattan Beach for bread. Stores like. Vons,Ralphs, etc. Are not Artisan bakeries. And forget about making it at home. Hard to do! I'll keep looking. Gelsons in Long Beach does not have its own baking counter.