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Nov 1, 2007 06:46 PM

110th to 116th B'Way eats!

Our mom is in town staying on 116th at Columbia and we need a place close by that's homey, nice, easy, great, tasty, relaxed, local and the food isn't cooked by goofballs. Thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately that's a very difficult order in that neighborhood. Morningside Hgts is a bit of a culinary wasteland. There were several long threads about it a few months ago, so try doing a search under "Morningside" and you might find a few suggestions.

    The only restaurants i can recommend even slightly are a few blocks south of there: Indus Valley and Turkuaz.

    1. *crickets*

      High hopes for Community Food and Juice, Broadway and 112th, which was to open today. Otherwise, I'd probably head to Pisticci, 125 La Salle just west of Broadway, a charming moderately-priced Italian restaurant.

      1. Your mom might like Kitchenette, a walk through the Columbia campus to Amsterdam Ave. and up a couple of blocks, and P&W's Sandwich Shop, across the avenue from St. John the Divine. If the weather is halfway decent, she might also find outdoor seating at the Silver Moon Bakery.

        Hungarian Pastry Shop
        1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

        Kitchenette Uptown
        1272 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

        Silver Moon Bakery
        2740 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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          i second pisticci and silver moon. those may be your best bet. the mill is always an interesting experience. i also like symposium (greek and very, very homey) on w113 bet broadway and amsterdam. stay away from deluxe, le monde, ollies, cafe swish (even though their food is good but don't get me started). carne and henry's are okay. le meridien is okay. uggghh!! it is rough up there. i always recommend noche mexicana on w102 and amsterdam for authentic, reliable and cheap mexican. it's nothing fancy but it 's very clean and the food is comparable to what i ate in mexico. please let us know what winds up working for you.

          1. re: nativeNYer

            I second The Mill-tasty Korean in nicely run place by nice people

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              heartily second pisticci and silver moon.

              the mill is pretty good too (i like the sizzling bowl). she could always try the hungarian pastry shop (not what it used to be but still good and definitely a little columbia scene). henry's and indus valley are okay, as is mama mexico. noche mexicana is good (we get take out) but it's a little scary to eat there, i think. there's also v&t's for standard red sauce and pizza.

              1. re: nativeNYer

                Ollie's isn't all bad - the trick is to order only the dumplings.

                I agree that Symposium is a good choice for super-homey food and atmosphere.

                The Mill is OK, not fabulous, but at least they have stone pot bibimbop.

                Has anyone tried the Havana Café (or something like that) that replaced the West End?

                If you're willing to walk a little, go to Turkuaz or Cafe Con Leche. Maybe even Crepes on Columbus, depending on the meal.

            2. i think the block between 122 and 123 on amsterdam has some great restaurants. as dave mentioned, kitchenette is good. sezze medi has good pizza and max soha has solid italian dishes. all these restaurants are cheap to moderately priced.

              1. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. Alas, this is all as I suspected. We may have to venture down a bit further down to 108th on b'way. And there's always Spoonbread over on 110th. I appreciate the suggestions and will check all the one's I am unfamiliar with. jb

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                  Not a big fan of spoonbread - and not just because my roommate got her purse stolen there. The yams are too sweet, for one thing.