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Nov 1, 2007 05:46 PM

Flakey Puffs?

I'm visiting home in Massachusetts and a fellow Mass.-to-Seattle transplant asked that I bring back Flakey Puffs. I can't find them anywhere. My Google search left me with the impression that they may be a figment of the imagination of millions of New England children. Any information or tips as to where I could find them would be appreciated. I'm in the Worcester area, but am going into Boston tomorrow. Thanks!

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  1. I think they disappeared years ago. I ate far too many of them in the late 70s and just the sight of their name in the title made my stomach turn a little. Definitely not a figment of anyone's imagination, but I don't think they've existed in two decades.

    1. I wonder whether your friend might be remembering the Vachon Flakey?

      Vachon is a Canadian snack cake company, but given that it's Quebecois, it's possible that their stuffs might have ended up in New England. I have never seen Vachon in the US, but that doesn't mean it's not around.

      Oh, and the Flakey of my Canadian youth seems to be currently incarnated as "Passion Flakie" (stupid name... although I guess Flakey was always kind of a stupid name). You can see if this rings a bell for your friend:

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        Looking at the pics, that looks *exactly* like the Flaky Puffs of the late 70s in New England. I thought I recall FP's being from a major company like Nabisco, but this certainly looks like the same stuff (the Passion Flaky)

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          That's my thought- these definitely look like the flaky pastries that my grandfather ALWAYS had in the house when I was young in the early '80's- but definitely not marketed here in southern NH as Vachon Passion Flakie- I'd remember that! I searched around online, but can't find what I'm looking for- but I know I've seen them recently in the store near the Little Debbie's/Entenmann's. You've got me hooked, now- I'll have to do some reconnaisance this weekend and report back.

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            They are called Pick ‘Em Ups now and are produced by Drakes, or they were...

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                Yes! Thanks Sean- the Pick 'Em Ups are definitely what I had in mind. And they do seem to still be available in the Little Debbie aisle.

          2. re: Rabbit

            Ohh! They had those in the 80's when I was growing up, but were called something completely different from "Flakey Puffs" -- they didn't have 'flakey' in the name at all..
            I think that 'puff' may have been in the name though..

            I know they were sold alongside hostess and drake products, etc..
            I think I may have convinced my mom to buy them once, but I know they weren't normal things in our house..
            My favorite indulgence that my mother would cave into was Creme Horns. Oh so horrid for you, but Yum!

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              I used to buy my Flaky Puff's by Vachon right here in RI back in the early eighties. They sold both Strawberry and Chocolate filled...

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                Yep, Flaky Puffs made by Vachon. Strawberry and cream...mmmmm... Odd yet irresistible mixture of flakey puffy goodness and creamy center with artificial strawberry flavored gel.

                1. re: Eatin in Woostah

                  Yep I too totally remember being a kid and making fun of the commercial for these, but can't remember why- I think it was someone's pronunciation of "flaky puff" that sent us into peals of laughter. Being kids, that is sometimes all we needed.

                  My mother never could be convinced to buy these, but I do recall on many occasion buying one, or something similar at the caf at college in the "l'eighties"

                  thanks for the mmm..mmm...memory!

          3. I loved the television commercial of the construction worker with his lunch pail going on about his Vachon flakey puff.....definitely a SE Mass./R.I. thing

            1. Ahhhhh....Flakey Puffs. A sweet memory.

              1. i lived in western MA all my life, i lived off those all my life. The name "flaky puff" was invented by ME as a child!! jk.. cuz thats what it is...... a flaky puff!!. I never knew it was such a privlige... but now THERE GONE... WTF WALMART, BIGY & STOP AND SHOP??.. am i really gonna have to order online? or go cold turkey??