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Nov 1, 2007 05:46 PM

Engagement Dinner

I just got engaged and want to have a dinner to celebrate my engagement with friends, mostly who are in grad school. There will be around 15 of us and I'm looking for a place where we can get entrees for $15 - $23. I'm not looking for a rowdy place, but I would like a place that is fun and certainly not stuffy. I consider Jacques-Imo's (a personal favorite) but I'm afraid it may be a little pricy for some.

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  1. Have you looked into Adolfo's in the Marigny? It's really small, but good food at reasonable prices. Adolfo's, 611 Frenchmen St. (upstairs from the Apple Barrel Bar). Yall would probably fill up half the place. Oh and by the way, cash only. It has a great atmosphere, especially for grad students.

    1. As much as I love Adolfo's, I have never seen a party that big in the place. Unless its a really off night, you would likely have to split up into different tables and you may not be seated at the same time. One way to really keep the cost down, and still have a great time and great food is at BYOB places. I had a party of 14 at Bennachin by calling ahead so that the tables in the middle could be put together. We had a great varierty of wines and food, and the bill was down-right cheap. I also suspect that Eat New Orleans (the old Quarter Scene) could accomodate your party. The food is excellent, more New Orleans oriented, and prices very reasonable. I also did a table of ten at Mona's on Frenchmen. Great middle eastern fare, which is excellent with all torts of red wines, with the Spotted Cat, DBA, the R Bar, and other fun places nearby.

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        I love both Adolfo's and EAT but they're not exactly what I'm looking for. I thought about Cochon, but I think it maybe too adventerous for some of my party. I'm considering NO Food & Spirits - what's your opinion, how hard will it be to seat 15-17 people there?

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          I'd definetly do Cochon. I think there are several things on the menu that non-adventurous people would greatly enjoy. I just had thier chicken and rice the other day...very simple but so flavorful. We also greatly enjoyed the cochon which I also think is easy for anyone to enjoy. It is just such a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with excellent staff.