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Nov 1, 2007 05:37 PM

what to do with tomato butter

on a whim, my husband brought tomato butter back from our local farm stand, and I haven't the slightest idea what to do with it! Anyone used it before? What do you do with it?

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  1. If it's made with real butter and not just tomatoes cooked down like apple butter try this most delicious recipe: Siciliano Burger with Fresh Ciliegine and Sweet Tomato Butter
    You may also want to peruse this link to get some other ideas.

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    1. re: GIAD

      It's more of the apple butter variety - tomato, sugar, lemon juice... can't remember what else.

    2. I just made some tomato butter, and it was great on seared scallops. A few drops of red vinegar would make it perfect, I think.

      Also, if you like grits, that sounds great. Saw that on Top Chef, and kind of drooled a little. That was a chipotle tomato butter, but same kind of idea.

      1. As a condiment for savory scones (like cheddar and ham).

        1. I grew up with an awesome Tomato Butter recipe that my Mom, from Cape Breton, NS, always made. We used to put it on mashed potatoes. So good! Especially with some butter or margarine on first, then the tomato butter spread on top. (even just a little makes your mouth water). Trust me, THIS is why you'll bring the tomato butter out from now on. : )

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          1. re: Sue Z

            SueZ, would you share the recipe please? Thanks!

          2. I jarred tomato butter this summer for the 1st time and we've been hording it now that we realize what we've been missing! So far we've used it:

            As a grilled pizza base to wonderful results; especially when topped with herbed goat cheese
            On hamburgers, steak and pork loin
            swirled into herb muffin batter
            On eggs; especially poached eggs
            In bloody mary's; adds great flavor

            experiment and enjoy!