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Nov 1, 2007 05:03 PM

J and R steakhouse ???????

My son want's to go to J and R's Calverton (we never been there) is it any good???? Thanks

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  1. J& R Steakhouse holds a special place in my heart. After not having an appetite and not being able to enjoy food due to a tumor in my chest, I had started chemo. The first meal out, the first REAL food I was able to eat and enjoy was a prime rib dinner at J&R's in Stony Brook/Setauket. The food since then has always been good and the service is decent.

    So, I'm probably biased! But if it were closer to our home, I'm betting we'd be there more often!

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      Their food is very good for the low price they charge, they know how to cook a steak, even if it IS Select. Their sides are great and plentiful. They have a website where there are usually deals/coupons. There are maybe 4 of them now: Calverton, Medford (where Landmark Cafe used to be) Stonybrook and I think Rocky Point Golf Course is one too? I believe kids eat for free on top of it all. And the waiters are really really nice.

    2. We like J&Rs alot, in all of their locations. If you pay with a credit card on the "Rewards" ( program, you get a 15% credit towards what your bill is. Onl the J&R website, it is difficult to find their coupons. The URL is:

      The best items are the steaks. My favorite steak there is the Roumanian Tenderloin, non-marinated. It is delicious and tender.

      1. ...and you could always eat for free:

        "home of the 76 0z. steak challenge"

        1. J&R, it is what it is--nothing prime or fancy but good food at very reasonable prices. Stick to the beef, steak, burgers, specials etc. I tend to avoid the seafood and chicken. If you go with your son use the coupon for a free appetizer. I think now that they opened the Medford place Calverton is less crowded. There was a Main Street Patchogue place in the works for what seems like forever, I don't know if it's going to happen.

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            From what I've heard, the place was in pretty bad shape so they had to renovate it. That's why it's taking so long.

            It's such a good location right in the middle of downtown.

            1. re: RoleModel

              I took them over two years to renovate the Landmark Cafe building in Medford, so stay tuned!

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              I'm never thrilled with J&R's in Calverton. It's my husband's grandma's favorite place but she hails from a double-wide trailer in a senior community a few blocks away. So, there ya go. It's great for a big group bacause the prices are low. I did have a bug in my food the last time I was there so maybe I'm just bitter.