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Nov 1, 2007 04:02 PM

bone uses after initial meal has been prepared

I have some pork shoulder bones in my freezer from when I made pernil. Shortly, I will have have bones from a braised short-rib dish I am preparing right now.

What I'm wondering is this: if you're going to use bones for stock, can you use bones you have previously used elsewhere (this would also apply to the bones after roasting a chicken), and if so, do I just toss them into the water with whatever vegetables and spices I'm using in the process, or should something be done with them first?

I'm an amateur at this, so thanks for allowing me to ask what I'm sure must seem like a simple question.

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  1. Any "leftover" bones will do. I just toss them in a pot with water or leftover broth, wine, etc and add in whatever veggies I have. Spices other than S&P I only add if I am making it for a particular dish where I know what the end flavor should be. If I'm not sure how I'll use it, I keep it very simple.

    1. You can definitely use cooked bones for stock. It will end up being darker in color but all you have to do is add some root vegetables, some parsley stems, and some thyme (water too). Let it simmer, uncovered, and skim off all the foam and impurities. I heard that bringing stock to a boil causes it to cloud up or something but a lot people do boil their stock anyways. I agree with alaskachick, Always hold off salt for stock because if it is seasoned already it will overseason whatever dish you put the stock in.

      1. Short rib bones are excellent in a tomato sauce...I usually cover them with tomato paste first, then further brown them in my pot...add garlic and tomatoes and let that puppy simmer.

        1. I collect bones and keep them in the freezer too. With cooked and stripped chicken carcasses, I try to collect 2-3 chickens' worth before making the stock.

          And yes, just dump them in the stockpot frozen. Cover with water, add your other ingredients, and bring to a slow simmer till your stock is as you like it.

          1. I throw bones into a ziploc bag that I keep it in the freezer. When I have enough (bones or time), I made stock.