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Nov 1, 2007 03:47 PM

Restaurant Heather, Mashpee - report

What a great new spot for the Cape Cod scene! First off, a very comfortable yet cosmopolitan environment. There were six of us women dining there last week and we had our own "booth", a semi-circular area with a high wall behind the banquette including, if we wanted to use it, our own plasma t.v. (It was World Series time) and ability to adjust the lighting to our liking. The presence of the t.v. was surprising as it seemed out of place with the rest of the vibe, but a neat little touch for those who may want something like that. Great but relaxed service. Our server answered all questions in detail and indicated that the chef (formerly of the Regatta in Cotuit) was willing to make any accomodations we requested. For appetizers, two had the roasted beet salad, two had the pumpkin bisque - artful presentation and delicious on both counts. For entrees, the duck, the scallop, and the swordfish dishes were all beautifully presented, and delicious. No dessert was necessary but as there was a birthday in the group we sampled the chocolate ganache cake which was good but not great. Coffees, both decaf and regular, rich and flavorful. The wine list is varied, with offerings from all over the globe. We tried the Albarino which was quite good. With six non-alcoholic beverages, six entrees, four appetizers, one dessert and one bottle of wine the total was about $350.00. Highly recommended for a special event dinner.

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  1. "Our server ... indicated that the chef ...was willing to make any accomodations we requested."

    Our experience has been very different on two occasions. The menu seems pretty rigid. Example -- one person at our table wanted the salmon, but with the side dishes that were listed with the tuna (If I recall correctly, she wanted to avoid potatoes, preferred rice). No go. Period. This wasn't changing something that was integral to any preparation -- just an easy substitution of items already on the menu, no complicated rewriting of any recipe. This is the type of request a guest should be comfortable making of a capable kitchen.

    This kind of conversation with waiters there has left us a bit stunned at those moments, especially because the waitstaff really does seem knowledgeable and well-versed in every aspect of the menu.