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Nov 1, 2007 03:13 PM

Help in Memphis this weekend

Will be in Memphis this weekend. I've gotten some really good recs from you all so far, but I need a place for dinner Sunday. I notice that a lot of the places we were deciding on are closed. Will be staying at the Westin Beale, but have a car. Thanks.

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  1. Well, I've only eaten there once so you might want to see if someone else with more experience either raves or rants about the place, but Pearl's Oyster House is very close by, open Sunday, and at least seems like the kind of place that would be fun to hang out in and eat a couple of dozen raw oysters.

    Who knows, I have to go back to the area tomorrow- might even see you there!

    Pearl's Oyster House
    299 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103

    1. I hear that Spindini and Sauces are worth the trip. Also, Bluefin has a great sushi pizza.

      The food isn't 5-star, but Rum Boogie Cafe has a fun atmosphere.

      1. The Daily Grill inside the Westin is pretty good, though it is a chain. Majestic Grille is good. Bigfoot Lodge is a great casual place.

        1. I agree with TennReb--Daily Grill inside the Westin is a great place. Flying Fish on Second has twenty-five cent (I think) oysters on the half shell on Sundays if that's your thing (it's not as atmospheric at Pearl's, but you can't beat the price and the food's always been good, whereas I've had a bad experience at Pearl's (as have others).

          I think Blues City Cafe's open Sundays, too, if you want something close, inexpensive, fairly tasty, and non-chain.