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Nov 1, 2007 03:06 PM

Can you buy smoked ham bones?

Is it possible to buy smoked ham bones? Where would i look? I read someone's post that stated they bought bones just for the stew. That is what i am interested in, just the bones. Thank you,

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  1. In the fresh or frozen meat section of the regular supermarket, look for ham hocks. They're generally smoked, perfect for seasoning stews and soups.

    1. You can find smoked pork neck bone and smoked hocks. Last time I cooked beans I used neck bone and had some small shards of bone that I've never had a problem with when using hocks, so I'd suggest going with the hocks if you have a choice. Most of the time I just crisp some bacon in the oven and dump rendered the grease and bacon into my bean pot, and that produces better flavor.

      1. I also like smoked shanks for soup. Same idea as hocks.

        1. Thanks so much for the replys.... i have tried the neck bones, and had a problem with the shards too.....though i found the flavor much better than another piece i tried, i thought it was a hock, but some one said i might have gotten knuckles? Definitely will look and try the shanks, and the bacon is a great idea too!!.. Thanks so much!

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            If you have any Gold n' baked ham type stores around you (they're quite ubiquitous here in my town) they sell them. They do have ham bones that are in fact smoked so don't be put off by the baked ham in their store name.