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Nov 1, 2007 02:58 PM

Great Drink Spot Near Perbacco

My boyfriend and I are 23, and love going out for great drinks/meals. We made reservations for Perbacco's one year anniversary dinner, and would love suggestions for a place near by that has awesome drinks and great ambiance.

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  1. the bar at the palace hotel (pied piper bar?) should do the trick. the mural behind the bar by maxfield parrish is quite a draw. drinks are good, ambience is very classy. it's an easy walk to/from perbacco.

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    1. re: steve h.

      Great suggestion, but we've been there already and would like to feel some new place out.

      1. re: rachel12

        the bar at one market is ok, too.
        gets crowded but that's part of the charm.

        1. re: steve h.

          One Market's where I went pre-Perbacco last year. It fit the bill, but yes, it can get crowded with the post-work gang.

    2. The only places nearby that I can think of that fit your description are the bar at Americano and the bar at Slanted Door. I don't remember what the drinks are like at Americano, but Slanted Door has great drinks.

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      1. re: JasmineG

        The bar at Americano is your best bet, in my opinion. The Slanted Door's bar is great too, but its much smaller and feels like an adjunct to the dining area. At Americano however, the relative proportions are reversed, with the bar area the focus and the dining area much smaller. Americano also offers you the option of sitting on the heated patio.

        1. re: grishnackh

          Yeah, but the bar at Americano is a LOT more crowded than the bar at Slanted Door, sometimes it can get a little claustrophobic.

      2. Depending on how far you're wiling to walk:
        John Colins
        lobby bar at the St. Regis (although it's kind of an older crowd)
        Bar Drake in the Sir Francis Drake has great cocktails; fewer hotel guests late at night
        Tunnel Top

        1. How about ACQA which is 2 doors from Perbacco? Love the bar there - prefer to sit on the short side of the bar w/ a view down the sweeping arc of the room and the bar. . .

          1. I guess it depends what you mean by great ambiance but Tadich Grill with its old worn wooden bar is right next door...

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            1. re: Pincho

              LOL, last time my girlfriend and I ate at Tadich, we went to Perbacco for drinks!