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Nov 1, 2007 02:27 PM

Carson City- Viet Pho Closed

Viet Pho on North Carson (395) has now closed. I guess pho was not as popular down here in Carson as it seems to be in Reno, judging by the number of pho places in Reno. I think the only place to get pho style noodle soup dishes is Mei's Diner 248 E Winnie Ln
Carson City.(775) 883-4303
When I was there last (Mei's) there didn't seem to be a lot of customers either. The pho with duck is killer. The owner said he was trying to sell the place, so I'm not sure how much longer this place might be open.

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  1. The Chinese place Viet Pho replaced was good too, but the few times I ate there in the evening I saw no customers. I think it's a combination of both location and customer base.

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      The lunch crowd was ok for both places, but really fell off in the evenings. Is hard to make it on just the lunch business. Is the reno location still open?