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Nov 1, 2007 02:14 PM

Columbus Farmer's Market in Burlington NJ

I've been here a few times and find myself at a loss due to all the choices. Any recs as to what to buy from specific food vendors? I'm particularly interested in the Amish market, but appreciate any feedback about good experiences with other food vendors. Thanks!

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  1. I understand the fishmonger there is excellent; my SIL Italian mother used to shop there weekly. As far as the Amish, I haven't been to the stands there. I do go to other Amish markets in the area weekly. Typically they do incredible roast chickens and ribs. The Amish market in Medford has THE BEST roast chickens! I have had these same type of chickens from other Amish markets and they are usually really good. Also, the fresh pretzels are delicious. Good fresh poultry and meats at excellent prices are typical of Amish markets. The Amish put out all type of prepared foods like macaroni and cheese, potato salad, etc. I like a few of these items, but not all; I think it is a question of personal taste. The bakery items are also pretty good, and also inexpensive. I stay away from the presliced cold cuts, they are sliced too thickly for me.

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      Thanks mschow. I have seen the fishmonger and was kind of wary, but the prices are great. Happy to get a good rec. I'll have to buy me some fish next time I'm up there!

    2. Can't go there and not get Kay and Als pizza,Deb

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        LOL Deb. I couldn't if I wanted to---my husband insists on buying a whole pie every time!

      2. My daughter can't go and not get Jo Jo's potatoes. They make delicious turkey, chicken and keilbasa.Deb