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Nov 1, 2007 02:09 PM

Whole roasted turkey to-go for Thanksgiving?

This year I'm supposed to cook a turkey (among other things) for 12 people and make a 2 hour drive in time for a Thanksgiving brunch at 11am. NOT happening. Does anyone know of a place that does a great whole turkey that's available for take-out for the holiday? I tried Lawry's, but all they have available is the entire turkey dinner. I'm also thinking about Joan's on Third, has anyone tried them?

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    1. At Factor's Famous Deli, they have something called a re-framed turkey. They cook it, slice it and put it all back together. It looks great and is so easy!

      Factor's Famous Deli
      9420 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035

    2. We also want to get a whole roasted turkey to go for Thanksgiving and we are thinking of trying one of the groceries stores. I've seen them offered by Ralphs and Pavillions and the others. Can anyone suggest one they've had that they really enjoyed? They usually come with some sides but we are mainly interested in a nice turkey that is pre-cooked. Thanks!

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      1. re: CinnamonKitten

        I've done Ralphs and I've done Gelson's. Gelson's is better and you can pick and choose components, you don't have to order the pre-set meal.

        Be aware that even though these turkeys are pre-cooked, they will not be warm when you pick them up. They will need oven time and basting.

        1. re: CoffeeCake

          We order from Gelsons every year and enjoy it very much.

          1. re: malibu1

            Ditto on Gelson's. Quality seems pretty consistent from year to year. We've ordered at least three years in a row. More importantly, the meat is thoroughly cooked, yet the white meat is not dried out.

            My in-laws have ordered from Albertson's before, but we couldn't eat it because the dark meat was actually still raw, almost like they didn't completely defrost the turkeys before they cooked them.

            1. re: empfam

              I think Albertsons' prepared birds have gone down in quality since they had an ownership change. I noticed it in their chickens, never tried the turkey (prefer to do my own).

            2. re: malibu1

              We had done Whole Foods in years past but becuase of posts we tried Gelson's this year. The Turkey was EXCELLENT - best we'd had in years. Very tender and easy to prepare (pre cooked - keep in bag - that's what kept it really moist and then 10 minutes for each pound). Very transportable and very tasty. Their ginger yams were very good too.
              Overall had a low stress and near perfect turkey day going with Gelson's.

          2. re: CinnamonKitten

            Believe it or not, the Pavilions ones are pretty good. I tasted one yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how moist it was.

          3. Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks might not be next door, based on where you have already looked, yet their deep fried birds are fabulous, and they are taking orders now.
            On Ventura Blvd between Coldwater and Beverly Glen.

            1. Tasty Q will deep fry your Turkey for you.....

              Tasty Q Bar-B-Que
              2959 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

              1. I know Whole Foods offers them but I cannot vouch. They have been taking orders for the last few weeks so not sure if still available.