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May 2, 2006 12:05 AM

Review Uncle Frank's

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On the recommendation of several online reviews, I made a lunch trip to Uncle Frank's. I love a good rib place and looked forward to finding a new rib adventure. Uncle Frank's comes highly recommended and is even referred as the best rib place in the business. Sad to say I didn't come away with the same feeling. The ribs were good but the side orders were terrible. I make better cornbread with a box of Trader Joe's cornbread. The beans, in a tacky Styrofoam cup, were inedible. I plan to go back and try the Catfish and perhaps a third time to try the Louisiana Links. As I said, the ribs were very good. . .but they don’t make up for the other detractors. Perhaps the fish will be out of this world.

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  1. I agree with you about the sides; FROZEN vegetables!!! I did like the brisket but would probably not return.

    1. We too left the cornbread. It's corn cake. But that can be said for most cornbread around here.

      The portions of meat were staggering, but after all was said and done, the Dirty Rice was hands down the most real, flavorful amazing stuff ever.

      If I was in the neighborhood, I'd stop by for Dirty Rice and something deep fried. Then I'd head back up the road to Dittmer's and spend every penny I had.


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      1. re: Dr. Biggles

        Biggles, have you tried Franks' hushpuppies? hmmmmmmmmm

        1. re: Reuel
          Mick Ruthven

          Two other bbq fans and I ate at Uncle Frank's early this year and had the hush puppies. We found them very heavy with a thick crust, although the flavor was pretty good. Cliff’s are much better.

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            Given the ability of a traditional BBQ joint to change methods and ingredients on a daily basis, offering up concrete absolutes about their sides can be a dicey thing at best.

            I attempted to like Jones BBQ in El Sobrante, they're meat never did offer up any smoky love, even after 4 tries. I found their sides were different each time I visited. It depends on who makes what or how long it sat that day before you got to it. I would never order a macky cheese side right before they close. But at 12:00 noon? You bet!


            1. re: Dr. Biggles
              Mick Ruthven

              We were having lunch when we had the hush puppies...

          2. re: Reuel

            I haven't. I saw them being made and fried though. Marked it down for my next trip. I'm getting very close to making another trip down for Dittmer's ham and sausages and fine German mustards. While I'm there I plan to hit up Uncle Frank for some deep fried goodies and more dirty rice.
            Actually, what I'll do is order a small dirty rice and see how it is for that day. Then, if it matches my last visit, I'll take it all home.


        2. I had the ribs and catfish on Saturday. My friend and I both preferred the ribs -- I liked the very crisp cornmeal crust on the fish but the flesh was a tad dry and the crust much too salty (and I love salt). We each had one piece then turned to the ribs for the rest of the meal.

          Side note: We had ordered a three-way but the brisket never came; rather than charging us for the two-way instead Uncle Frank wrote out a "voucher" for "FREE MEAL $15.95" on the back of a business card. Pretty good deal I thought.

          1. For people who have been recently, how's the service? I enjoyed the meat quite a bit when it opened but the glacial service has kept me from returning. Barbecue's not fast food, but I don't expect the meal to last 2 hours either.


            1. Just one person's opinion, but I don't go to a BBQ for sides. If they have 'em, well that's OK, but I'm there for meat. Iconic Flint's has never offered any side beyond a scoop of indifferent potato salad, and who cares? The three times I've been, Uncle Frank's ribs, brisket, and wings have been great. It ain't a balanced meal, it's barbecue. Smoked meat, that is.

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              1. re: Shep

                Thank you! I feel the same as Shep....if the sides are good..."that's nice"...but I don't REALLY care as long as the meat is transcendant!
                I go to BBQ for meat...what can I say!
                The sides are just "icing on the cake"