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Nov 1, 2007 02:03 PM

Best Inexpensive Eating in LV

Going through the board I did see the Lotus of Siam seems reasonnable and not to pricey and according to people who have been it's great a must go. Perhaps someone can recommend a buffet, chicken place, beef, anything really must goes, and perhaps a gotta have when visiting Las Vegas, thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Are you going to have a car? Are you willing to cab it? You might try Ricon de Buenos on Spring Mountain Road for their sandwiches or steaks or mixed grill.

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      I'm staying on the Strip @ the Imperial but I have access to a car, so I don't mind travelling 1/2 Hr or so.

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        Other people will probably scoff but I think the barbecue, steak dinners and microbrews at Ellis Island are a steal and actually pretty good.

        Its not gourmet but for less than $10 where else can you get a steak dinner and several microbrews.

        Ellis Island is a long block south of Bally's and easily walked to from the Strip.

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          Ellis Island is east, not south. Just to clarify.

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            actually, i think you'll find more people have positive comments then negative when it comes to ellis island.

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              I will definetly give it a try, thanks.

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                It may not be gourmet but it's definitely delicious!

          2. I actually almost always prefer inexpensive places to the pricey places on the strip -- I'd prefer them at any price.

            On the last trip, I went to Paradise Grill, and had the best Peruvian I've ever had in LV: This could easily be your chicken place. I'd take it over Bouchon's roast chicken, and you'll receive a whole chicken with a heaping plate of fries and (an innocuous) salad for about one-third the price.

            Lunch at Mariana's Supermarket on West Sahara is always a must for me for Mexican. It's hard to spend $10 there. Despite the fact that it's a fast-food type outlet in ambiance, and service can be slow, the food is delicious (most of the tacos, daily specials, soups, etc.).

            Lotus of Siam is always tops on my list. I ate there five times on my last trip and regretted I didn't go every day.

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              Opus Too is located in the Art Institute of America, off Green Valley Parkway. The culinary school operates a student run dining room that offers 3-course lunches and dinners for $9.95 and $12.95 Tuesday – Thursdays. The menu changes weekly, but you have a choice of 3 appetizers/salads, 3 entrees and 2 desserts. On our last visit I chose the Vidalia tart with red pepper coulis, seafood Newberg over basmati rice and poached pear with vanilla ice cream. My wife opted for the Caesar salad, seafood Newberg and apple bread pudding, but was advised that several tables of red hats had disposed of the bread pudding. Service was very attentive and friendly and the food very good with the exception of the rice which had dried out.

              Himalayan Cuisine, located on Flamingo in a small shopping plaza, features the cuisine of both India and Nepal. We shared traditional Nepalese entrees of chili chicken and meat momo. The waiter asked how spicy would we like our chili chicken – Indian spicy was my reply. Wow – call the fire department – we are talking smoking hot! Each order of meat momo order includes 9 dumplings stuffed with ground turkey and vegetables. We also ordered naan, 2 mango lassis (yogurt based beverages) and 2 desserts (khir and Lal Mohan). The former is basmati rice in milk with raisins and nuts and the latter is similar to or the same as Gulab Jamun, but a bit denser.

            2. Head for a yummy Cuban breakfast (or lunch or dinner) at Florida Cafe, an oasis on a seedy stretch of LV Blvd. It's in the HoJo's, so parking is plentiful and relatively safe.

              1. Absolute best non-fancy place in Vegas is Ichiza serving izakaya (little plates...think tapas Japanese style). Unbelievably good, totally inexpensive (as long as you stay away from Uni and other sushi), honest & authentic food, and open til 3am to boot. On my last trip to Vegas, we were there everyday...and if it was closer to home, I'd be there weekly.

                Be warned though that hordes of other people are also aware of how good Ichiza is so if you show up at peak dinner hours, you can expect a wait.

                It's on the second floor of the strip mall at
                4355 Spring Mountain Rd
                Las Vegas, NV 89102
                (702) 367-3151

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                  While Ichiza is good, to great- food-wise, I don't love the fact the service really suffers when they get too busy. The wait for a table can be long, and the service really spotty. I've had great experiences there, and terrible ones. If i'm really hungry and don't want the huge wait but still get great late-night Japanese food, I drive down the street to Shuseki. Also open very late (at least till 1am most nights) they have great, cheap eats, with better service. Also, I think Sushi Yokohama Kaigenro over on Paradise (across from the Hard Rock Hotel) is fantastic for good ramen, also served late and decently-priced.

                  Rincon De Buenos Aires is across the street from Shuseki, and is FANTASTIC. Prices are decently affordable, and they know how to make a wonderful steak. Their chimichurri sauce makes me -very- happy! They have a very good deli, to boot.

                  Oh, and NOTHING wrong with Ellis Island! They are good!

                2. Go to Food Express for excellent Chinese food. Order the salt and pepper crab. It's a dungeness crab cooked w/ garlic and jalapenos. It's not spicy unless you eat the jalapeno bits. The crab is extremely fresh and pulled from their tanks the minute you order the dish. Their shrimp and candied walnuts is fantastic and the best I've ever had. Better than Jasmines at Bellagio and several other places in NYC and San Francisco. They also make a very good crispy skin chicken. Don't forget to order veggies. I like their pea pot leaves w/ garlic. It's milder than spinach but their spinach is also very good. A meal like this will set you back about $80 but it's enough food to feed 4 people.

                  After a meal at Food Express, go to Luv It for the best frozen custard! It's on your way back to the strip but go there even if it's out of the way! It's located on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Oakey behind the AM/PM. It's kind of a sketchy area but so is Commercial Center where Lotus of Siam is located. You won't regret it. I always order the Luv It special. It's vanilla frozen custard w/ strawberry sauce and chopped pecans. It's absolutely sinful and olny $5.25.

                  Food Express 702-870-1595
                  2003 S. Decatur Blvd.
                  Located between Sahara and Charleston next to Fantastic Swap Meet
                  Open till 2am!!!