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Nov 1, 2007 01:27 PM

Dried Oysters

I have a friend that is willing to go on an ingredient hunting mission
for dried oysters for me in NYC but I don't have a specific grocery store
that I might offer her as a place to look.
Anyone know of a place where one can buy dried oysters
in the city?
I dinked about on various search engines for four afternoons
and found nothing.


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  1. There's various shops in Chinatown selling nothing but traditional dried foodstuff items like shrimp, bean/seeds/roots, mushrooms and other edible fungi. Usually there'll be bins of items either outside or visible from the street.

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    1. re: Judyluvs

      Thanks for the info.
      My friend was able to find some without having to search to much.

    2. Po Wing Hong Food Market
      55 Elizabeth St
      New York, NY 10013-4623
      Phone: (212) 965-0484

      My mom goes there. Says product there gets turned over at a good rate.

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      1. re: spanky28

        Thanks very much for the info.

      2. this is an easy on! Kan Man!!!

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