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Nov 1, 2007 01:19 PM

College Student who needs help!

Hello everybody! I am a college student who needs some healthy, fast and inexpensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas. The challenge is that I do not have an oven. All I have are a stove, a rice cooker and a microwave. Currently, I have been eating eggs and bacon for breakfast. For Lunch, I usually make a turkey sandwich. Finally for dinner, I usually eat rice +grilled chicken. That is all i know what to cook. I need some variety. Please help me with your knowledge of food! Thank you!

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  1. If that's all you're eating, you certainly don't need laxatives. That said, why don't you try some nice shrimp scampi over pasta? Or try the chicken piccata, chicken w/ sundried tomatoes, chicken marsala, chicken louisa, or greek chicken and potatoes recipes at They are all in my personal cookbook and very good. They also have some very good beef recipes on there. Go under the "advanced search" option and you can customize the search to what you have available.

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        Thanks, sugar. My spelling always was terrible :)

    1. has an excellent search engine that also allows searches for the type of cooking(baked/micro/broil etc)... you could start there for inspiration. How big is the microwave and does it have convection heat? And can we assume you have at least a bar fridge?

      I'm sure in a little while you'll be inundated with ideas... you've definitely come to the right place :)

      1. Get an inexpensive toaster oven.

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          Yes, you beat me to this suggestion. Toaster ovens are excellent. While our kitchen was being remodeled we use one with great success. Under used and appreciated by many.

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            Inexpensive is always good, but if you're gonna get one, get a good one. They have decent-sized convection toaster ovens at You can do a lot with those. Sorry to have lost mine to my ex.

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              I love my WalMart toaster oven. I bake frozen stuff in it, and it comes out great. Those individually frozen biscuts are greatness for the single person.

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                I live in Thailand where people don't use/have ovens. I bought a table-top toaster, one that gets really hot. It's a bit larger than a regular toaster and has a convection setting too. I've made pies, tarts, bread, pita, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, apple crisp - you name it. Works fine, heats up super fast, and takes up very little space. It's great.

            2. Here are some things I used to whip up while in college, and still eat now when work picks up:

              1. Israeli couscous with chopped vegetables and toasted nuts
              2. Fried rice: the fridge cleaner
              3. Black bean soup with grilled cheese or croque monsieur/madame
              4. Sandwiches: egg, Marmite, and cheese; tuna; grilled eggplant, ham, and other standard sandwich vegetables; avocado and prosciutto; I think any sandwich is your friend
              5. Bolognese to serve over the darndest things
              6. Curry of all kinds -- you can pick up the asian kind in blocks, or Indian in jars
              7. Pasta: carbonara; tossed with olive oil, s&p, roasted garlic; artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, goat brie, and capers; with a garlic & chive cream sauce;
              8. Soba noodles in ginger broth with chopped egg, mushrooms, and vegetables; tossed in peanut sauce (there's a recipe on CH, but haven't tried it) and chicken
              9. Soups and chilis -- let them bubble away while you're studying
              10. Braised turkey legs: you can have a variety here, with Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, etc influences.
              11. Stuffed vegetables: peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc
              12. Sauteed mushrooms
              13. Quesdillas -- fill with whatever your heart desires (kimchee and spam, anyone?)
              14. Huevos rancheros
              15. Burritos & breakfast burritos -- these freeze well, without the sour cream/guacamole

              I also found out early on that the George Foreman grill also makes some mean panini!

              I feel for you; after my freshman year, I could never look at "deli sandwiches" (ie, with the standard sliced meats & cheese). Ever. Again. Do you have a freezer? I used to make a bunch of sandwiches, pasta dishes, stuffed peppers, etc one weekend, and all I had to do was zap them in the microwave.

              1. A few things that come to mind are sauteed boneless chicken breasts dipped in flour or bread crumbs with some lemon juice. A quick black beans and rice. Just drain a can of black beans, add it to sauteed onions, some spices and put over rice. Don't forget pasta. You can do a quick tuna sauce with oil packed tuna and capers. You can make meatballs in a saute pan.