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Nov 1, 2007 01:11 PM

Bistro Ka in Topanga Mall: Anyone been?

I was looking thru Yelp today and saw that Bistro Ka at the Topanga Mall got almost exclusively 5 stars with raving reviews. Now, I don't always trust the yelp ratings, but still, everything sounded pretty good. Anyone been? What did you think? How did it compare to Brother's, Little Brother's or Shibuya?

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  1. I went once and thought it was ok. Rolls were decent and the grilled items were tasty.

    Never been to Brother's Little Brothers or Shibuya. However, Bistro Ka did remind me of a better Tokyo Lobby.

    1. Tonight my family and I went to your restaurant. I go there all the time but it was my parents first time. I like your restaurant because it is very fresh food and you have excellent service. But tonight we got a waitress that I never had, Melissa. It started out ok. I ordered sushi with NO crab. She brought it back with crab so I told her nicely that I didn't want crab. I thought that from there she would say ok sorry and have it remade, but instead she insisted 3-4 times that is was imitation crab so it was ok. She was basically telling me like I didn't know what imitation crab was. I had to tell here 3-4 times that I didn't want any crab. It is like she didn't want to take it back. From then on she was horrible. She wasn't the one to bring us our food, when she asked my parents anything she turned her back before they could answer, she didn't ask us if we wanted dessert like she did with the couple right next to us. We probably saw her 1 time for the check after that incident. After that my parents dont want to come back and that doesn't make we want to come back. To top it off i saw here imitate me to her other coworkers. We were very polite. We could have easily talked to the manager and tell them about our situation and get our check taken care of but we didn't want to cause a scene. We even gave here a 10% tip (she should have got nothing). Instead we just told the hostesses at the front. And I was surprised again because while we were talking to on of them the other waitress was whispering to one of the hostesses. It was just a very bad experience. I think it is my duty to make it known to all my friends and family who go there about this situation. I hope that something happens to accommodate my family and I, and I truly hope this does not get brushed off and Melissa is reprimanded somehow. It was all very unfortunate and I hope your business still thrives with here there.

      Basically if you go DO NOT get melissa as a waitress. If it wasnt for the food being made in front of us she would have definitely done something to it. She was absolutely horrible and not professional.

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        I had a similar service problem here. I think the food looked mediocre, unless you are looking for "fusion" bar food. We sat there for 20 minutes with no service. With so many great sushi bars nearby (i.e. Shibuya, Little Brothers, etc. etc.), there is absolutely no reason to go to Bistro Ka. I would go to Gyu Kaku downstairs before I go back to Bistro Ka. There is a reason that place is always empty.

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          Yes luckily for Bistro Melissa is now gone and they have a very new and very polite and very knowledgable staff now. I have been going there for awhile and I did also have a little trouble with that waitress but since her release i have had wonderful experiences.

        2. I go here about once a month or so with my co-workers because they really like it. I always get the same thing, because I love it: 3-item lunch plate with chicken teriyaki, california roll, and crunch roll. I don't like anything raw, so this works for me. The atmosphere is really nice - kind of dark and relaxing.

          1. I'm suprised to see how many people are disappointed with this place. My boyfriend I completely love it. We are big time sushi people and this is the one place we wouldnt mind eating everyday. they atmosphere is great. Great service. good portions. Food is always tasty and they are really fancy with it. it's nice. I love bistro ka and anyone I've ever taken there has loved it too!