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Nov 1, 2007 12:59 PM

$50 Chowhound Challenge - Where would you go?

Hello hounds.

Some co-workers and I won a company Halloween costume contest. We dressed up as
characters from the game Clue (we won "best team effort" - I was Colonel Mustard). Each of us received a $50 gift certificate to one of the restaurants listed below.

I pose a challenge to all of you great thinkers. Which restaurant would you choose (from
the list below) if you had $50 to spend in one shot, and what would you order?

Aura (Seaport Hotel)
Bob's Southern Bistro
Bombay Club (Not my fav)
Bukhara (Definitely not my fav)
Cafe of India
Caffe Umbra
Cambridge Common (I suppose I could get a ton of beer)
Christophers (Cambridge)
Diva Indian Bistro
Excelsior (Back Bay)
Grill 23
Harvest (Seems the most appealing so far..)
Julien (Langham Hotel)
Kingfish Hall
Mamma Maria (N. End)
Tryst (Arlington)
Westside Lounge

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  1. I would go to the lunch buffet at Masala Art in Needham 5 times. More bang for your buck.

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    1. re: DoggieMama

      We should go again one of these days soon

    2. Well, if you wanted to take a companion and keep the whole tab in the ballpark, you could do worse than a Harvest burger and drink at the bar, and keep it in the $50 range.

      1. I think I'd go for Icarus for ths tasting menu. It's not on the website, but I'm almost certain that they run a daily menu for a reasonable price. My second choice would be West Side Lounge. Most of the top places on your list are too expensive for 50 bucks to do too much good.

        1. If you go to Bob's, go soon! ;-b

          Hmmmm, personally, I'd go to Grill 23, but there are lots of other good choices, too..

          1. Caffe Umbra is probably not a good choice, and you'll have to move fast if you choose Bob's Southern Bistro!