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Nov 1, 2007 12:49 PM

Year Round Ice Cream

I just moved to NH (on the MA border) and I was VERY excited to discover an independently owned "Mom & Pop" ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream and is OPEN YEAR ROUND. After having an amazing dinner in downtown Haverhill, my girlfriends and I stumbled across England's Microcreamery and what a delight it was! It may have been cold and rainy that night but I still wanted ice cream. (It always bums me out that so many ice cream places close for the winter because I can eat ice cream even when it is snowing outside!) I enjoyed their banana ice cream which was definitely made from REAL bananas (NOT just flavoring). I also sampled some of their season flavors such as Pumpkin and Apple which were both delicious! I was also thrilled to discover they had REAL chocolate sprinkles "jimmies" and homemade whipped cream. My friends were a bit colder than I so they had some cappuccinos and gourmet chocolates. We will definitely be back to England's MicroCreamery! Does anyone know of any other good homemade ice cream shops that are open all year?

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  1. We just discovered this place too, and loved it. We love almost any ice cream anyway, but their's is is Carter's ice Cream in Haverhill (but Carter's is only open in the summertime".
    Have you tried Richardson's Ice Cream in Middleton? They're also open all year and we like that you can stock up on big half gallons and take them home.

    Boston is a great city for ice cream, the best in the world, and lots of ice cream shoppes are open all year and even have a line of people out the door in cold weather! You moved to the right area if you like ice cream!

    Winter is a great time for ice cream! You can buy some and get it all the way home without it melting on the way!

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      Goldenrod's in Manchester is open year round. They have food and ice cream. The best peanut butter fidge I've had.

    2. Can I ask where you had an amazing dinner in Haverhill?

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        We had some gift certificates to a couple of places. So we went to a quaint corner restaurant called George's first for some cocktails and appetizers - I recommend the mussels. But we went across the street to a small bistro called Keons for our main meals. I had a glazed pork entree that was out of this world! Both places were really small but it allowed for good conversation without the large crowd. The food at both restaurants was wonderful and then to end the night with ice cream at England's MicroCreamery was definitely a highlight! We will be returning to downtown Haverhill - you can bet on it!

      2. Shaw Farm in Dracut is awesome and you can get it year round.

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          Lexpatti -
          Any idea what Shaw Farm's hours are these days (in the fall/winter)?
          Are they open on weekends? Evenings?

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            No but their website does mention a nearby restaurant that they serves their ice cream too. I think we picked our xmas tree up from them (and wreath) one year, so I know they are open throughout the year.

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              Ooh! Christmas tree from there sounds like it would be fun! picking out a christmas tree while having some ice cream :)

              Yeah, I saw their website (though I didn't notice the nearby restaurant on their list of distributors). When I go there, I'll have to mention to them that it would be fantastic if they listed their hours on their website.

              I wish more places would list their hours on their website -- even when they have just a simple website. Though I do realize many of these folks don't want to have to update their website very often, and their hours may change more often than they wish to update their website.. Too bad.

        2. Try the Puritan Backroom in Manchester, NH. The baklava ice cream is to die for.

          1. Gray's in Tiverton, RI is open every day of the year.