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Stupid Question about Sushi

Just wondering, when i go to get sushi with friends most of the opt for a bento box with rolls and teriyaki chicken or something. In my case, I tend to be biased to only rolls and usually order a Rainbow Roll and a Vegetable Roll. Is this considered like a normal amount, how many rolls do you guys usually eat when out for sushi

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  1. If I'm alone - one roll is too few and two is too many unless I'm really hungry. With two of us - standard order is three roll which seems to be just perfect. Of course, our sushi chef usually spoils us with little tidbits of seaweed salad, edamame, but those are minor snacks.

    1. Eat what you like and as much as you want. What I order depends on what is looking good, and sometimes that is nigri sushi or sometimes rolls and how hungry I am feeling.

      1. 1 roll and 5 pc nigiri for $8.99 (chef's special)

        1. Depends on what kind of rolls you're talking about. Simple tekka maki (tuna) might be too little as just one roll. There are some fancier rolls that people make like battered fried goodness (no, it's not traditional), those might be good just one roll for a light lunch.

          1. Maybe I have a huge appetite, but 2 rolls in still too few for me. When out with someone, we usually get 2 specialty rolls (usually loaded with heavy fillers like cream cheese or tempura) 1 or 2 regular rolls, and I get a couple pieces a la carte like tamago or uni.

            1. 2-3 simple tuna or salmon rolls do it for me since they aren't slathered in extra stuff. If I do a fancy roll, one suffices.

              1. Jeez, I wish I were satisfied with just a few pieces, but it usually takes about 15 pieces of nigiri to fill me up. But lately all it takes is 8 pieces of nigiri and 1 maki roll (6 pieces).

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                  Glad to hear I'm not the only one who needs more than a piece of seaweed and fish to satisfy my appetite!

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                    My usual meal involves a salmon skin roll, a specialty roll, and at the very least 4 orders (@ 3 pieces each) of sashimi plus miso soup and edamame and I'm an average size guy

                2. I'm an average sized female, and a small bowl of miso (~3/4c.), 4 nigiri, and a temaki will do it for me. My tiny sister, on the other hand, can have miso, edamame, a large platter with 2+ orders of sashimi, nigiri, maki, temaki, etc. -- and still want mochi and some heinous Starbucks drink afterwards.

                  1. I guess I can label myself a bit of a "food slut" since I like to try as much as I can and as much variety as possible.
                    That is why I love the bento box at my favorite place because I get a little bit of all the good stuff: mixed green salad, miso soup, a piece of grilled fish of the day, tempura vegetables and shrimp, 6 peices of perfectly cut super-fresh sashimi, some pickled veggies and some seaweed salad, a bowl of rice, green tea, and to top it off, an amazing savory custard with mushrooms, fishcake and some meaty tid-bit in it.

                    All for $9.50 for the first 20 people..thank goodness I get done with my morning clients by 11am sometimes so I can get tehre right when they open at 11:30.

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                      I always forget how full sushi makes you! I order too much most of the time because it tastes soo good. To save money though, I will often order miso soup and then one spider roll....mmmmm

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                        Very good thinking Zucumer84...that is why we can fit in the budget seats on any airplane.
                        As for the spider roll, I prefer a tempura shrimp vs the soft shell crab for textuaral (great word) reasons...but the places I go don't do "fun rolls" but I do like them on occaisions...mmm.

                    2. I am not a huge eater, so about 4 pieces of fresh sashimi, one roll and some edamame will do it for me. By the way what is a bento box ? I eat a lot of sushi but have never heard of it. That's an awful lot of sushi for $9:50, sure wish I could find that here!!

                      1. It depends on the size of the roll. At one place I'll have 4 rolls, at another I'll have one and maybe a couple of pieces of unagi ngiri.

                        It completely depends on the size of the roll, that is the only way to answer this question.