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Nov 1, 2007 12:49 PM

Stupid Question about Sushi

Just wondering, when i go to get sushi with friends most of the opt for a bento box with rolls and teriyaki chicken or something. In my case, I tend to be biased to only rolls and usually order a Rainbow Roll and a Vegetable Roll. Is this considered like a normal amount, how many rolls do you guys usually eat when out for sushi

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  1. If I'm alone - one roll is too few and two is too many unless I'm really hungry. With two of us - standard order is three roll which seems to be just perfect. Of course, our sushi chef usually spoils us with little tidbits of seaweed salad, edamame, but those are minor snacks.

    1. Eat what you like and as much as you want. What I order depends on what is looking good, and sometimes that is nigri sushi or sometimes rolls and how hungry I am feeling.

      1. 1 roll and 5 pc nigiri for $8.99 (chef's special)

        1. Depends on what kind of rolls you're talking about. Simple tekka maki (tuna) might be too little as just one roll. There are some fancier rolls that people make like battered fried goodness (no, it's not traditional), those might be good just one roll for a light lunch.

          1. Maybe I have a huge appetite, but 2 rolls in still too few for me. When out with someone, we usually get 2 specialty rolls (usually loaded with heavy fillers like cream cheese or tempura) 1 or 2 regular rolls, and I get a couple pieces a la carte like tamago or uni.