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Nov 1, 2007 12:44 PM

San Bernardino Recommendations?

When I have business lunches in San Bernardino, I have usually taken our party to Jean’s in Colton or Greensleeve’s in Redlands. Both have disappointed (greatly) the last three times. Anyone have recommendations for San Bernardino? Sushi and Indian are out given the unfortunate finicky nature of some. Upscale or even pizza if a dining experience.

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  1. Alfredo's on Baseline does a good job. Portions are big and prices are very reasonable and the servers there are all friendly... Pizza and pasta is always a good deal, although their Italian sandwiches are very, very underrated. Too bad your group doesn't like sushi. Miyagi Sushi down the street just got awarded Top 10 in the Inland Empire, and they are extremely good. Chicken Teriyaki and Beef bowls are delicious as well. Hope this helped.

    1. Try Casa Maya on highway 38 in Mentone (that would be W Lugonia Avenue coming out of San Bernardino). Excellent Yucatan-Mexican food.


      1. Casa Maya is good but very casual for a business lunch.

        The Farm on State St. in Redlands is good and more upscale. There are several good Thai restaurants in Redlands also that are upscale but it sounds like they don't like spicy food.

        You might want to post in the California board rather than the LA board for additional suggestions.