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Nov 1, 2007 12:27 PM

Bebo & Central

Just wanting feedback from anyone who has been to these places? Is the food recognizable as being related to the famous sibling restaurants? How are the prices & wine lists? Service? Atmosphere? Thanks!

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      1. Ihave been to both on a number of occassions. Neither the food, service, nor wine lists are recognizable as famous siblings of either. Of course Galileo is gone and unlikely to return. Many have had bad experiences at Bebo; I never have and I like it. Central is just a waste to me. If you want Citronelle light, go to the Citronelle lounge and eat; the food, service, and wine are all better than Central and a better ambiance.

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          i have been to Central several times and enjoy it very much, its not Citronelle, but its a more casual atmosphere, more affordable price and delicious food. Its definitely worth a try!

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            On what do you base your claim that Galileo is unlikely to return? I pretty clearly recall Roberto Donna saying before the building housing it was closed for renovations that he intended to reopen. Has there been new info. that I missed?

            1. re: BrianD

              According to this the restaurant is scheduled to reopen early 2008


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                  I tend to agree with you, but if you're wrong, I'm thinking muskrat would be nice--and I want to be there.

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                    Pappy - don't start eating it yet ... The web site also says they will open in 2007 too - and, the last blog entry was in April 2007 so ... who knows how accurate it is.

            2. I have had extremely good meals at Central. It is highly recommended. I wrote a long review of it and so have others if you search this board for Central Review. So I won't really go into details. I think it is reasonably priced, with 1 drink, app, entree, dessert each for a group of us I think it was like $50/pp. It isn't Citronelle, but it is very good. The atmosphere is modern, it can be loud and the decor is minimal, but I have really enjoyed it. Our server was incredible. If I could remember his name I would request him again.

              I haven't been to Bebo, yet. I have heard if you want the best experience to sit at the bar, as there are always service complaints.

              1. Sometimes my bad experience at a restaurant could have been an anomaly but there were so very, very many things wrong with Bebo that I will never, ever go there again. Donna should be ashamed of the snotty staff, the erratic service, the dirty bathrooms, even the food.
                I wanted to like this place. We need, need, need a real trattoria but this ain't it. And they don't even try. One of the people with us said that maybe we should try the Olive Garden next time - at least they weren't jerks. OK, so the food was better than that, but really...

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                  Threads about Bebo routinely produce a request for other restaurant suggestions. (With cause as far as I'm concerned.) We had a successful experience at Cucina Vivace, a new trattoria, coincidentally also in the Crystal City area. Vivace won't quite transport anyone to Italy, but the food was several notches above American-Italian. Certainly, our evening was less problematic than a meal at Bebo.

                  It seems appropriate to post a link to my original review of Vivace here:

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                    Thanks everyone for all the advice! think we'll definitely be trying Central (if we can ever get in on a friday!) and think twice about Bebo although it is really close to work.