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Nov 1, 2007 12:24 PM

Catering recommendations- office lunch

Hi everyone,

I love Chowhound for my personal dining choices but I thought I might try to see if anyone out there has any recommendations for a small conference I am managing for my office. We are hosting 35-40 people who are working to eradicate obesity amongst kids so it's important that our food is HEALTHY and tasty. The meeting will be downtown near Metro Center and the caterer needs to deliver. Any ideas, favorites?


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  1. I'm pretty sure California Tortilla caters. That could be a fun idea and since they have various types of burittos, salads, and tacos you can opt in for some healthier choices as well.

    But maybe I just have Cal Tort on the mind since they just emailed me a certificate for a free taco!!

    I've also been to meetings/conferences were we have gotten catered sandwiches and platters from Corner Bakery which I thought were better then your average nasty deli platters.

    Not sure how healthy you are hoping to go with this though.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      California Tortilla might be fun- thanks for the idea! But I need a caterer that can do breakfast too (I left that out of my original post, whoops- I'm slow today). So yes, somewhere that can do continental/chaffing dishes for breakfast as well as lunch and a snack...

      1. re: montyatsea

        Well then Cal Tort is out (too bad because their burritos are oh so tasty) but Corner Bakery can do both. I go to a regular weekly meeting that gets breakfast from what I think is Corner Bakery and its pretty yummy.

        On their website they also have nutrional info in case you want to check that out prior to maybe your choices.

    2. I highly recommend W Millar. They're close to you. We use them every month (breakfast and lunch). Everyone looks forward to the monthly meeting day! Aside from their menus, each month they have a Blue Plate special, which is a complete lunch (dessert and all), with no substitution. They just posted their holiday menus online. Sound like your group is large enough for one of those holiday offerings. They have good service, organized, and great food of course. Even the room temperature menus are delicious. Do not overlook the soups, especially Tomato Basil. When it comes to desserts, you ought to try more than just cookies and bars. You mentioned healthy alternatives, which they do offer. You can call and tell them what you're looking for and see if they can accommodate you. If you want fresh-squeezed OJ, ask for it and you'll get it. If you do call, ask for Shelby, she's my contact there and she's helpful.

          1. re: montyatsea

            breadline could very easily do breakfast and lunch - the menu is on their site

        1. I always use Dutch Mill catering. They have a big & very flexible menu with good price and good portion. We even order 20 ppl portion to serve 35 ppl in our office party; and still have a lot of food left.