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Nov 1, 2007 12:24 PM

Bham - Demetri's BBQ

I should have figured that a Greek barbecue joint would not be the best, but I swear I've smelled real smoke coming from near there before so I gave it a shot today. Ughh. I wanted a rib/chopped pork combo platter (well actually I wanted ribs and pulled pork but that's another story - does anyone here do real pulled pork rather than chopped, diced, etc.?) but they did not offer such a combo, regardless of the menu showing they have both types of meat. Oh well, got the rib combo which was 4 dried out, likely oven-cooked ribs and chose the baked beans and the "home made, hand cut" onion rings as the sides. Rings were older than the average age of the clientel and actually used way too much (old) cornmeal which fell off when you picked them up. Beans were about the best part of the meal. Never again.

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  1. Yuk. Thanks for the head's up. I'd gone there for their basic breakfast, which is pretty good. But it was better before they enclosed the patio. Now I just go to Bogue's, whose biscuits are mighty fine if you like the fluffy, almost cakey variety. And I do.

    1. I like their pulled pork sandwiches, but it's definitely not destination dining.

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        The pork looked chopped on the other plates I saw?

      2. You failed to me mention that Demetri’s is constantly filthy. I would rather eat in the Waffle House Bathroom since it is probably cleaner.

        1. Yeah, what you smell going on the outside is definitely not going on on the inside.