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Nov 1, 2007 11:35 AM

Live Crabs - between Roland Park and Towson

Hey B'more folks - I don't venture north as much as I probably ought. Where's the best place to get live crabs north of the City - I'm thinking the area encompassed by Towson/Roland Park/White Marsh although it's not really hard and fast (i.e., I have a car and could drive for really good crabs).

Would prefer very much for them to be Chesapeake Bay Crabs and not LA/NC crabs, which I would guess rules out most of the places that have more than one location.


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  1. Camerons Seafood on Cold Spring Lane
    Conrads Crabs on Joppa Road near Loch Raven Blvd (
    )The Crab Truck on Northern Paky near Loch Raven Blvd

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    1. re: hon

      Interesting, have you had crabs from the crab truck? I have driven by a million times and always wondered...

      1. re: gusshane

        I've had crabs from the crab truck on Northern Pkwy......Good and cheap!!

        1. re: gusshane

          I have, they aren't all that cheap if you want the decent sized ones and the last time I had them they were pretty light. I think it's pretty hit or miss.

      2. You're not going to get local crabs in the winter; they're buried in the Va mud. And how would you know the crabs are local, anyway? The seller almost surely does not know and, in any event, will say what the customer wants to hear. (sorry to be cynical, but 36 yrs as a lawyer does that to you.)

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        1. re: tartuffe

          Maryland crab season goes to December 15th, they aren't buried yet and the best time to get local crabs is now, they are fattening themselves up for the winter. I got a 1/2 dozen carry out crabs the beginning of december last year and the bag was so heavy it was unbelievable. They were MD crabs (you could tell by the taste) and the best I had had all year. Got them from Camerons on Cold Spring Lane.

          1. re: hon

            Thanks for the recs.

            As for how one would know if the crabs are local; I guess you'd have to trust the supplier, but if you get a place that catches their own crabs, then that would be a good sign. Also, building a relationshpi with the place would help I think. There are not many that can afford to rely on Maryland crabs, it would have to be smaller and probably family-run.

        2. Conrad's Crabs in Parkville (near Loch Raven) has local chesapeake bay crabs when in season. The owner is a waterman and actually catches the crabs. They are the best I've had...big, heavy and the seasoning is fantastic! Definitely worth a trip...

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          1. re: amarie30

            Yep, that was my suggestion too.

            1. re: amarie30

              conrads has got to be the cleanest crab house ive ever seen. we were so glad when it opened. they just dont play games like other crab houses. not that i dont love bills terrrace, but i just cant wait 2 hours to eat crabs. conrads made my summer of 07 much more enjoyable, just a real fair crab for the price. you def get your moneys worth. i dont what nights it is but i know i got free corn and shrimp a couple different times.

              1. re: dbarronstein

                I heard that the waterman who owns Conrads will be setting his nets soon for white perch. Spring is not far off.