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Nov 1, 2007 11:21 AM

Small Plates - Harvard Sq

I noticed today that there is a new restaurant in the former location of Iruna and Conundrum called "Small Plates". The menu has a range of tapas and a few entrees and sandwiches. The sign states it's a "wine bar" but no wine list was posted outside, so not sure about the selection.

Any reports on this place? I always feel sorry for restaurants in that location since it is so easy to overlook the small sign over the alleyway.

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  1. I am not sure about Small Plates but I have to agree with you about that being an awful location. I commute from work and my bus stop is in front of the place and Conundrum was there and I had no idea until it was near the time it closed. i just happened to notice the sign.

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      It's kind of an odd location, but Iruna was there for years and did okay.

    2. Is it actually open yet? I might go tomorrow to try it. Did you get a sense of the price range? I can't find a website.

      1. Stopped by on my way home last night to check them out. They opened last Saturday, according to the enthusiastic, young owner. They plan to keep to small, tapa-style plates with a variety of ingredients. They didn't have paper menus available to keep or I would have posted here. They are waiting for their beer & wine license w/an ample selection to choose from when they get it. The 2 rooms are crisp & bright(might want to lower lights just a tad for a cozier feel) w/a minimalist decor & friendly staff in black. They serve lunch, dinner & brunch. I think some sort of light-enhanced signage on JFK would let folks know they're there & open.

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          If they don't have a liquor license yet, do you think we can bring our own wine to drink? I know this question has been addressed on the Boston board at various times but I still don't fully understand the answer! Thanks.

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            The way I understand it, BYO is not an option at all in Cambridge. Too bad...

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Do they know when they'll get the drink license? I am looking for a place for a small event on 11/20....

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              Depending on the event....and I found this out cuz I was thinking about doing the same thing there.... they can get a one-day liquor licence for private parties. I'd definately see what they could do