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Nov 1, 2007 11:13 AM

Hilltop Butchershop in Weymouth Grand Opening


I was bummed when Hilltop market in Braintree closed down. They made an announcement months and months ago, that they were reopening in Weymouth. I see that their website has an announcement that they are finally having the Grand Opening on Nov. 14.

It's now located in the Building 19 plaza in Weymouth, on Rte. 18, near Rte. 53.

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  1. Why go to the Hilltop when you an get much better beef at any run-of-the-mill grocery store? I saw their website - NY Sirloin steaks for $2.99/lb. That is absurd.

    See item 174 - boneless 0/1 select striploins trading in the upper 3 dollar range. These are the cuts butchers use to fabricate NY sirloins. Assuming the Hilltop paid around $4.10/lb for select striploins, given yield they would have to charge a minimum of $6/lb for steaks, even end-to-end cut (including vein steaks), and still no make much money. That means that the steaks they offer for $2.99/lb are most likely no-roll (not worth a grade) and from a freezer inventory at least a year old.

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    1. re: almansa

      The run of the mill grocery stores in the Weymouth area offer poor meat selections at ridiculous prices(read:Stop and Shop). Currently, BJ's has the best selection and priced meats in town. Prevites in Quincy, soon to be Weymouth sells a better selection along with a premium. Whole Foods in Hingham probably offers the best selection with the highest premium. It will be nice to see if the competition results in any deals as we'll have Hilltop, Stop and Shop, Shaws, Prevites and Whole Foods all within about a 5 mile trip down 53.

      1. re: almansa

        Well, I usually get a lot of my meat at Roxie's, which is my favorite place. But, the boneless New York Strip at Hilltop is still my favorite steak around here. Throw some Montreal Steak seasoning on it, put it on the grill just long enough to sear the outside, and I'm in cow heaven :)

        Maybe my palate isn't that refined, but unless you are talking about an actual USDA Prime grade piece of meat, I usually can't tell much difference between a Sirloin steak from one place or another. It's more the cut of beef that matters to me, than where I buy it (within reason, of course). Certainly, I'm not willing to pay $15/pound at Whole Foods for a steak I can buy at Hilltop for half that.

        Again, that's just me. So for people like me, Hilltop's re-opening is good news.

        1. re: mwk

          Agree. Unless you are going to a real butcher that knows what he's selling, you are stuck at the same level. Hilltop, stop&shop & WH are basically the same meat.

          1. re: vinovino

            I've been buying my steaks at BJ's lately. Also, my babyback ribs.
            imho, the meat is the best around for the money.

            1. re: janzy

              That didn't occur to me. I use to by larger cuts at Sam's all the time that were great.