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Nov 1, 2007 11:11 AM

Do I Need Reservations?

Hi all, I'm planning a nice anniversary dinner for me and my girlfriend this coming Monday (Nov. 5th) and I'm wanting to take her to one of the nicer dining establishments in town (i.e. Wink, Zoot, Vespaio, Starlite, etc.).

Would any of you recommend me making reservations in advance, or should we be able to get a table without a problem on a Monday night? Also, any further dinner recs for a romantic upscale dinner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I would recommend reservations. My wife and I have celebrated our anniversary at Wink the past 2 years. When you make reservations, they ask you if it's a special occasion. For us, they had custom printed menus that said 'Happy Anniversary'. At the end of the night, they had the menus signed by the chef and gave them to us. It's a small detail, but it helped make it a very nice evening.

    Since Zoot and Wink are sister restaurants, I imagine Zoot would do something similar.

    As far as other restaurants go, I would add Trio at the Four Seasons(haven't tried it myself) and Cibo(have had 2 nice meals here, but that was before they recently changed their menu).

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      Vin Bistro and III Forks are romantic spots as well