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Nov 1, 2007 11:07 AM

The Bicycle Bistro, still great?

We'll be in Baltimore this weekend for an evening wedding reception on Fort Ave. and are considering having dinner first at the Bicycle (there will only be canapes at the reception). A chef I know recommended the place but hasn't been since the new chef-owner took over. Has anybody been recently and any recommendations on what's good or what to look for? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if you consider Memorial Day 2007 recent, but that was the last time I was there and it was fantastic. The meal was prepared perfectly and the staff payed attention to every detail. We sat outside under a rose covered overhang and it was lovely. I highly recommend it as one of the best places to dine in Baltimore. Parking can be a challenge, so be prepared.

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      I haven't gone since the new chef took over, but the word of mouth is extremely favorable. In the same area, I have been to Nasu Blanca and it rocks.

    2. I have been twice since it changed hands and I think it is as good as it was under the original owners.

      1. Well, certainly sounds like good feedback! Ko1's reference to Nasu Blanca threw me, though. It's even closer to the reception and the wacky paella/sushi/sake/spanish wines menu looks fantastic! Two of my favorite cuisines rolled into one! But, I've been wanting to try Bicycle for a while. Wish I had time to do both!

        1. Having recently been to Bicycle, and I can certainly confirm that it is as good--if not better--than it had previously been under original management. Although, the menu has not changed significantly, except for a few changes here and there. It is still great! Definitely try the lobster ravioli and the mongolian bbq beef short ribs! To die for!!!

          On another note, Nasu Blanca is great as well. I like being able to select something from the Japanese portion of the menu for an appetizer, and then something more Spanish for entree, or vice versa. There really isn't anything like it around. Great choice, too!

          1. I was there back in May, and it was excellent! I can't remember what everyone else had, but I had the special lobster risotto, which was to die for. Truly outstanding. The salads ands wine were excellent as well. And while I can't remember what my family ate, I do know they were also thrilled. Service was excellent and vey personal.