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Nov 1, 2007 10:59 AM

Trying Minado tonight in East Norriton

My friend and I decided to try the sushi buffet out b/c we are relative newbies to sushi and they seem to have a large selection - a great opportunity to try things we might not normally. I figure that will give me a taste and an idea if I want to order it someplace else. I have seen the posts for/against this place - I'm going in with an open mind (I think), hoping for a good experience. Will post tomorrow on what we think.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you think. We were there earlier this year (late winter) and although we weren't too impressed with the quality of the seafood/sushi, you are right in you thinking - it was a great chance to try 1 piece (as opposed to a whole roll) of any and every type of sushi. That way when you go to a good place, you'll know what to look for:) It's definitely a place to try once... enjoy!

    1. I'll be eager to hear your thoughts as I was the one who dragged Minado into the Bluefin post.

      I may have been hasty in my earlier disregard of Bluefin as I was there just three weeks after their opening when the turnover may not have been optimal. I apologize for this and have arranged a second luncheon with friends to reconsider.

      Some may wish to dismiss Minado as a "Wal-Mart of sushi" because of the large seating format without considering the quality and range of options. The Quanjude Road Duck Restauarant in Beijing can seat 2,500 people (with noisy, high-ceiling cafeteria ambiance and occasional errant child) but it has much to offer in terms of quality and traditional presentation. Superb dining nonetheless. Minado is not on the the same tier but give it a chance.

      I await your feedback.

      1. I've been waiting to try this since I heard about it. I got lucky and got assigned it as a mystery shop in a few weeks. I can't wait to try it, but am eager to hear what other thoughts there are about it.

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          Well, I'm back, and I'm full. I won't say that it was the best dining experience ever, but it certainly was not the worst. I do agree with someone who posted in the bluefin thread, I do not like the flavor of their sushi rice. It seemed very sweet to me, and just did not go well with some of the fish. We got there just after they opened for the evening, so everything was very fresh, and there were a good number of people there, so things turned over pretty quickly. I tried some of their hot things, as well as cold. I do recommend the beef tetaki - YUM. Salmon tataki was also good. the whitefish sushi seemed very flavorless, but the salmon sushi was good - they were out of that when I went back, so I only got 1 piece. bummer - it's my favorite.
          I did accomplish my goal of trying a number of things that I haven't wanted to order a full roll of (or even 2 pieces of) at my regular sushi places. I now know that I don't like the texture experience of a roe sushi, and have an idea of some new things to try when I go back to Oriental Pearl, East Cuisine or BlueFin. I would go back to Minado with my hubby to try the hibachi, and some of the other things I couldn't tonight, but will not make this one of my regular places, I think.
          As Becky315 said, certainly a place to try once. :)

        2. When I said that Minado is the "Wal-Mart" of sushi, I was referring to quantity/quality not the size of the restaurant. We've eaten at Minado about 20 times since they've opened. We enjoy it less now then we did months ago. The hot food just is not as good (I know this is not the focus of the restaurant). Make sure not to miss the handrolls when having dinner at Minado. There is a menu of choices taped to the sushi glass. Selection is limited but the handrolls have a better fish to rice ratio. We still eat on Minado, just not as often.

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            i looked for hand rolls last night - they're shaped like cones, right? They didn't have any.
            one of the many things I was interested in trying.

            1. re: jujuthomas

              Yes, the handrolls are cone shaped. Unless things have changed (its been about 6 weeks since I've been there) you have to ask for the handrolls as they're made to order.

              1. re: nevets

                oh, that's cool - i'll have to ask if we go back.