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Nov 1, 2007 10:17 AM

Imperial Torte ....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Anyone know if it is possible to get a Viennese Imperial Torte in Toronto locally? (ie. I can drive there and pick it up this afternoon...)

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  1. Is that the same as a Sacher Torte? If it is, you can find it at Konditor on Queen west.

    1. I bet Konditor, on Queen St. in the Beaches (not the Beach), has one

      Sweet Gallery on Mount Pleasant ( I think there's a location downtown) does a lot of austrian pastries cakes, etc also

      Vienna Bakey at Queen and Bathurst would be another good bet

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      1. re: Finnegan

        The Vienna Home Bakery at Queen and Bathurst closed more than a year ago.

      2. I guess I should clarify - i am looking for this:

        It is a chocolate marzipan cake. Absolutely divine.

        I can order it there, but it takes shipping time and cost, so I was wondering if there was already a store in Toronto importing it OR if a bakery can manage a reasonable copy.