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Nov 1, 2007 10:13 AM

taqueria margoth - a hidden gem of ingleside.

having lived here for a little under a month, i was given the impression by all folks that ingleside was a deadend town for food. not true.

taqueria margoth; it's a humble family-owned salvadorean joint specializing in pupusas, sopas, and breakfast items, with a storefront so minimal and a bland sign reading just "taqueria" ...which can easily be missed if given a single take. an absolute (hidden) gem indeed.

their pupusas are single-handedly the best i've had in the city, by far. i always order their chicharron; mighty fried pork shreds/bits were heavy and bursting with flavor....although the outter flour dough caught my attention the most. they were noticeably thinner and more crispy in texture than your average thick maize of a pupusa you'd find in-or-off of the mission area (which i found to be more enjoyable...and provided a more balanced taste between the flour and innerds as oppose to most i've had which were kind of just "doughy"). not sure if that particular style of pupusa is authentic to the culture, but nevertheless....they're very delicious and underrated (and cheap). although, they don't make pupusa de arroz like Los Planes de Renderos.

the masa quality on their tamal pollo at $1.75 blows away most tamal joints i've had (all star, roosevelt tamal parlor, la palma, the elote factory just a block west of la palma which name escapes me at this moment, etc.); steamy hot, ultra-grainy, soft bit textures. by any means, i'm no tamal expert. but i've tasted quite a few in my life, and IMHO, the quality of masa in any tamal can really make or break it, regardless of what's provided inside (chicken, pork, corn, pineapple, etc.). i've yet to find/try the tamale lady but i'm no longer as driven to find her as before. speak of tamales, in early september, i stumbled across a tamal-pushcart-duo (mother & son) along mission street (somewhere between 16th and 18th) on a saturday afternoon where i had an excellent tamal pollo; high quality masa with grainy bits (just like margoth's version). i haven't been able to track them since. if anybody knows their whereabouts, that'd be greatly appreciated! the mother spoke zero english, while the son was dressed/expressed rather hip hop-like.

Taqueria Margoth
300 Plymouth Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 333-4622

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful tip. Nice to know you have something tasty in your new nabe.

    On Friday afternoon there was a lot of street eat action on Mission between 20th and 25th. There was (I'm assuming from the picnic coolers) a taco lady and some guy selling something out of large pans covered with aluminum foil. Was stuffed, didn't have time to stop.

    Hmmm ... while trying to find the Place record for Taqueria Margoth ... Ethel May Southern Care & Taqueria on 701 Randolph popped up. Is it still in business and/or any good? There is some joint down that way that had Southern Food that I wanted to try but it had unreliable hours. I need to search through my notes to find if this is it.

    Taqueria Margoth
    300 Plymouth Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

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      I can also put in a good word for Sushi Raw -- a new place that's been open about 2 months. Had a good casual dinner there a couple of weeks ago.

      4435 Mission St
      (between Avalon Ave & Cotter St)
      San Francisco, CA 94112
      (415) 333-9288

      Sushi Raw
      4435 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

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        "some guy selling something out of large pans covered with aluminum foil"... I'd lay odds on bacon hot dogs... We were on Mission Street last night distributing candies to the "trick-or-treaters" between 18th Street and 24th Street. Every block had vendors selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs...on both sides of Mission Street. The aroma was devastatingly delicious... but, we finished the evening at Old Jerusalem for good eating.

        1. re: rworange

          Ethel Mae's has been out of business almost all year, but as I was walking by the other day I saw that they had a Grand Opening sign up and the door was open so it looks like they might have sold or just gone back into business. I caught the M down the block, but by the time it came back past the doors were closed and it looked closed down again (this was all just before noon).

          I'd say that even if they are open again the hours are too erratic and the food was never really worth bothering with in the first place.

          1. re: belgand

            Dang ... meant to say Lulu Rae on College in Oakland.

            1. re: belgand

              you're right. i have seen the grand opening sign as well. and everytime i've passed by it, it's always closed. very unreliable hours. darn!

              1. re: inmandarin

                Looks like they're back and under new management now. Haven't been over that way for a bit so I can't comment on hours or food though.

          2. As far as I can tell Taqueria Margoth is closed and has been for some time. I went by there on election day last year and they looked like they were closed for good with a sign in the window that was, unfortunately, only in Spanish. I was back over there a month or so ago and it looks even more deserted. That sign isn't even up in the window.

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            1. re: belgand

              they're still opened. i was just there yesterday. their business just isn't doing so well. so they often close early or open later. remember, just stick with the pupusas.