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Nov 1, 2007 10:03 AM

Favorite Meat & Dairy Restaurants in Teaneck

To Teaneck restaurant regulars: What is your favorite dairy restaurant, and favorite meat restaurant (other than Smokey Joe's) in Teaneck?


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  1. Meat- Jerusalem of Gold for it's good food, unique menu, excellent service and pleasant ambiance.

    Dairy- No restaurant in Teaneck serves good quality dairy food. Aside from the bagel shops and pizza shops, you have Rabica, Pasta Factory and Shelly's. They're all lacking.

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      I didn't know anything about Jerusalem of Gold until reading your post. After checking it out online, I found other very positive feedback.
      Is there anyone else that can give a firsthand report on this restaurant, as well as your opinions on the best meat and dairy restaurants in Teaneck?

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        I have been to Jerusalem of Gold several times and I enjoyed every single time. The food is superb, their "from the grill' selection is incredibly tasty, the tagines (Moroccan stews) were out of this world, my partners also enjoyed the different fish dishes as well as the fresh homemade salads. Their hummus/Tahina/Falafel are the best I ever tried. On top of this the decor will transport you to Yerushalaim!

      2. Best Meat is Persian Grill. Not fancy for the schwarma with humus is outstanding. I agree with the previous poster that dairy is lacking...

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          I must agree w/ Daphnar regarding Persian Grill. Its fare features fresh ingredients and bold flavors far beyond what is offered at Jerusalem of Gold for a better price, though the latter obviously would win on ambience (also try the Romanian eggplant salad, grilled kabobs and stews). Morris, what about the menu at J.O.G. is unique? I can think of five Teaneck places where one could order the same Israeli meat items (not that that is per se a bad thing). For meat takeout, Chopstix too is a reliably good choice. As for dairy, Pasta Factory is the best of what is available.

        2. For Meat - I've been to Esme Bistro twice. The first time (second week after opening) was superb. Inspired appetizers, succulent aged steaks, perfectly done peppered tuna, attentive service. Manhattan level quality, attention to detail...and prices. The second time, the food (some of the same we had the first time) and presentation were significantly worse, and the service felt like we were in...well, Teaneck. I won't run back there, but it's really the only place outside of the city to get a decent steak and a higher level of ingredients and seasoning. It's still "chef" prepared food, as opposed to the rote ethnic fare you get in all the other places. Noah's Ark beats out anyone else for deli and burgers. But stay away from their "fancy" dishes. They don't have a clue. Sababa -Outstanding Morrocan meat soup, schwarma, meurav yerushalmi and chumus, and the fairest prices around. For Chinese - Chopstix is generally OK, but they've lost their edge over the years. Sometimes it's hit or miss. As for dairy, I agree with the other posters that Pasta Factory is the best we have. And even when it's full it doesn't feel crowded, so you can spend a pleasant hour or two there (and BYOB).

          1. I need to take some non-Jewish friends out in Teaneck and am just as concerned with the ambience as I am with good food. They like Mediterranean/Middle Eastern stuff, so please offer me the best choices?

            Thanks for any input.....

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              I haven't been to Jerusalem of Gold (see earlier postings), but the other places in Teaneck that serve meat Israeli food are Sababa Grill, Mabat (both on Cedar Lane) and Persian Grill. Mabat has always had excellent food (for shish kebob/schwarma type stuff), but they raised their prices a short while ago, to to the point where they are now unconscionably expensive for this type of food. I'm talking $25 to $50 main dishes! For Shish Kebabs! I couldn't feed my (little) kids for less than $35 each, for soup, 2 skewers and a side dish. So I don't go there any more. Persian Grill has very good food, with a little better spice and prep action, and the Persian twist, with some good sweet dishes. Slightly less money. Similar setting. For a little dumpier environment, but good, fresh food, with a good ta'am, try Sababa Grill. The price is half to a third less than Mabat. Top notch Moroccan chicken soup; best chicken cutlets in Teaneck; excellent schwarma; tasty side dishes (al dente string beans, fluffy couscous, orzo, flavory grilled veg's). Wherever you go - enjoy!!