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Nov 1, 2007 09:21 AM

Where to buy a Thanksgiving Turkey?

I know this is a little early, but often for the best birds you have to order ahead of time, so I want to start thinking. This is my second Tgiving in D.C. and am having my parents come and out will cook for them. My mom is a total foody, and it would be great to order a nice bird for my favorite holiday. Last year we just bought it at Safeway, nothing special, so this year I was hoping for something not frozen, perhaps free range, even a heritage-breed would be nice, I just have no idea where to go for this. I live in the District (Dupont) and don't mind driving, but would prefer to purchase somewhere not too far out. If a nice quality grocery store is nearby, where we can get the rest of the ingredients for the meal, even better. I also want this one to be extra special because my boyfriend is coming and meeting my step-dad for the first time. (yikes)

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  1. We have special ordered one at Balducci's for the last few years, and have always been satisfied. The birds are free-range, have never been frozen, and come from a farm (last year anyway) in PA. The store in Old Town, Alexandria has a table set up for the orders, and the people are always of great assistance.

    1. Try one of the vendors at Eastern Market in the temp bldg.

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        Market Poultry at Eastern Market is THE place in town. The best fresh turkeys ever!!! You have to order ahead and then stand in line for pickup but it's something of a ritual and occasion worth doing anyway. Even the local TV news usually shows up to do a story on this great poultry market. They have conventional and organic turkeys and other birds. Capon, ducks, goose. Very good prices too. Their prices are better than WF and you're dealing with local merchants.

        The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for Eastern Market and would be a great place to take your foodie Mom. Cheese and seafood vendors. All the produce you need for your meal. Breads, pies, flowers. Bulk spices at Yes! Natural Foods around the corner on Penn Ave.
        Check it out before the rush for regular poultry. 202-543-7470

        Eastern Market Grocery
        225 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

      2. Several years ago when I worked at Whole Foods, they would have a "turkey table" set up before Thanksgiving where you could order fresh free-range turkeys. You could check the P Street Whole Foods.

        1. Balducci's in North Bethesda is where I am going....

          1. I imagine you can reserve one from somebody at the DuPont Farmers Market? We usually go to the Mt Pleasant market on Sat mornings and Cibola Farms there sells Thanksg turkeys. Looks like you can order online from them: