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Nov 1, 2007 09:18 AM

perbacco and zuni

We were supposed to go to Mendocino this weekend, but had to cancel due to work stuff. To console ourselves, have a res. Fri at Perbacco and Sat at Zuni.

Never been to Perbacco. What do folks recommend as the best on the menu?

Been to Zuni a bunch, but eager for new insights re what to order.

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  1. The braised meats and meat sauces (short ribs, pork belly, etc.) at Perbacco are pretty good, as are the house-made salumi.

    Do a "Search this board" search for Perbacco. You will find dozens of prior posts!

    1. For Perbacco, I second the house-made salumi. Also the pork ragu pasta dish is done well and is offered consistently. (The menu changes often and it's been awhile since I've been to Perbacco.)

      1. had dinner at perbacco on saturday. service was attentive, food pretty good. stick with the salumi and the pastas. the short ribs were average at best. wine selection is very good.

        zuni is my definition of comfort food. deb and i ate lunch there last wednesday: burgers and string fries (shared). really good. deb went with wine but i opted for italian beer. let the record show we rode the "f" there minutes after checking into our hotel. dinner there is always satisfying. the oysters are plump and delicious, the chicken is a signature dish and so on. all-in-all, zuni is a comfortable place.

        down the road, you might consider bar crudo and incanto.