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looking for vietnamese in westchester

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i am looking for a good bowl of pho, but i cant seem to find any vietnamese restaurants in the area.

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    1. They can't even get Thai food right in Westchester....Vietnamese is kinda pushing it. But, oh how I wish!

      1. I just received my Zagat e-mail so I thought I would search them for the closest restaurants or ones in the general area of White Plains. Out of 69:

        Saigon R.
        58 W. Palisade Ave.
        (William St.)
        Englewood, NJ | Map
        13 mi. from you

        Mo' Pho
        212 Main St.
        (Lemoine Ave.)
        Fort Lee, NJ | Map
        Fort Lee
        14.8 mi. from you

        Vietnam Restaurant
        304A N Main St
        Spring Valley, NY | Map

        Spring Valley
        15.8 mi.

        Pho Hana Restaurant
        20 E Columbia Ave
        Palisades Park, NJ | Map

        Palisades Park
        15.9 mi.

        Miss Saigon
        25 Lagrange Ave.
        (Raymond Ave.)
        Poughkeepsie, NY

        47.5 mi

        Saigon Café
        6A LaGrange Ave.
        (Raymond Ave.)
        Poughkeepsie, NY | Map

        47.5 mi.

        Pho Thanh Hoai Vietnamese Restaurant
        960 US Highway 9 N
        Sayreville, NJ | Map

        48.1 mi.

        77 Whitney Ave.
        (bet. Grove & Trumbull Sts.)
        New Haven, CT

        New Haven
        49.3 mi.

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          Great list!

          I've only been to 2 on the list, Saigon R in Englewood and the Vietnam in Spring Valley. Of the 2 the Vietnam really takes the cake and has probably the best Vietnamese food i've had since leaving the west coast. In addition, the prices are reasonable to what i usually expect with vietnamese food.

          I'm interested in learning more about Pho Hanna in Pal Park. Has anyone gone? I've heard about vietnamese food in pal park and would love to know if the place is any good, as it's a bit closer than spring valley for me.