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May 1, 2006 05:33 PM

teacake bakery in emeryville

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Last friday, I went to a birthday party where for dessert, we had cookies and cupcakes from teacake bake shop in emeryville. I have been looking around forever for a cupcake bakery in the bay area (a la leda's bake shop in LA or magnolia's/billy's/etc in NY), and it looks like i've finally found one for all of us cupcake lovers out there! i enjoyed the madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and thought the cake was of perfect moistness, thought the buttercream was a tad too sweet (but i tend to like my baked goods less sweet in general).

cupcakes are $3. cookies are $2. can't wait to actually go to the shop to check it out the next time i'm in the east bay.


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  1. I had Teacake do cupcakes for baby shower that I threw back in January -- they were perfect. The cake itself is quite tasty (i.e., doesn't rely just on the frosting), although I liked the vanilla better than the chocolate. They are super nice at the bakery, even decorating all the cupcakes free of charge and without asking. Plus gave me a free cupcake and cookie. I'll definitely use them again for my next shindig (as I despise actually baking anything myself).

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      Robert Lauriston

      If they're charging $3 a cupcake, I wouldn't say the decoration is free. That's an even better margin than pizza.

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        Agreed, but I forgot to add that they gave me a deal on multiple cupcakes (plus gave me a taster cupcake and cookie when I ordered them). Can't remember the total, but it was less than $3 and I was pleased with the outcome.

    2. I stopped by Teacake today after some last minute back to school shopping.
      My oldest daughter got the devil's food cupcake with chocolate frosting. She ate the frosting but not the cake. She said it was too dry & bitter. I had to agree after tasting it.

      My other daughter got the buttermilk flat cupcake with chocolate buttercream. She ate about half of it. I finished the rest. She said the buttercream was way too sweet. What 9 yr old thinks anything is too sweet? But..yes it was extrememly sweet. Maybe they had an off day with that batch as I had had it before and it tasted ok.

      I got the coffee toffee chocolate cookie. It tasted like a regular tollhouse cookie with toffee in it. No hint of coffee. You couldn't tell they used premium chocolate in it because it was so damn sweet.

      So..I've been there a few times but it seems like it's usually not worth it.

      1. My thoughts (shared by many, methinks) is that the cookies are excellent, and the cakes aren't. I have tried a few incarnations of the cupcakes and haven't been thrilled. They are things that I want to like, and don't hate them, but they could be so much better. The cookies, however, are great.

        1. A while ago, I had a honey roasted peanut butter cookie there, thought it was so good I bought a dozen to take home and freeze, but haven't seen it the few times I've been back since.

          1. I like the brownie bites at Teacake. I actually like the vanilla cupcakes too, but then I like sweet desserts...