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Nov 1, 2007 08:47 AM

Foster's Grille "Home of the Charburger" Now Open in Chantilly

Looks like it just opened. The building permit is still in the window.

Anyone been yet? I like the sound of "the Charburger."

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  1. Yes sounds tasty, albeit somewhat carcinogenic...

    For us Marylanders, anyone know if Foster's is a regional mini-chain?

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    1. re: bordeauxfan

      Yep, they have in NOVA:
      Vienna, Warrenton, Chantilly, Ashburn are the ones I am aware of...pretty good circle your order and comes with fries and a drink for one price...

      1. re: CH2176

        I believe there is one going in to the new "village center" development in Old Town Fairfax, along with the already-open Potbelly's, soon-to-open Panera, and Austin Grill

      2. re: bordeauxfan

        It looks like they are already more than regional. There's one in Urbana and one in Edgewater for you Marylanders.

        The menu doesn't even look ridiculously unhealthy.

        1. re: Bob W

          Do you know for sure the 2 Maryland locations are open?

          The website says "coming soon" for Urbana and Edgewood isn't even listed on the website.

          Thanks very much,


          Should have written Edgewater and not Edgewood, but both are not on the website. - K

          1. re: KOK

            I'm hoping Edgewater (near Annapolis) and not Edgewood (near Aberdeen) is coming soon!

            1. re: bordeauxfan

              Bordeauxfan: According to the Web site, Edgewater is not just coming soon, it's open for your dining pleasure. My bad KOK.

              There are some lovely photos of some of the open locations -- inside and out. That includes not one but two in beautiful Manassas VA.

              1. re: Bob W


                I am in idiot, but where on the website does it say Edgewater is open for business?. When I click on locations, all that comes up under Maryland is Urbana which is coming soon.

                Sorry for being a simpleton,


                1. re: KOK

                  Kevin: When I click on Locations and scroll down to Maryland, I get both Edgewater (open) and Urbana (coming soon).

                  Virginia is definitely still their stronghold.

            2. re: KOK

              I don't know what the website says, but the Edgewater, MD location has been actively advertising specials in What's Up? Annapolis since September IIRC. I would presume that means they are open.

        2. My expectations may have been built up too much, but while good - I wasn't blown away.

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          1. re: Dennis S

            I like that they will cook the burger medium so that its not dried out. In addition, have found that the kid's size is usually enough to be fillling.