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Nov 1, 2007 07:32 AM

Quinoa in Toronto


Does anyone know where i can find Quinoa in Toronto?
It seems like something thats very hard to it under a different name?


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  1. Not hard to find. I'm not sure you'd find it at Bulk Barn or a conventional grocery store, but I have had no difficulty at places like The Big Carrot and Whole Foods and other "health food" stores.

    1. shouldn't be too difficult to find...bulk barn probably does carry it. i know john vince foods does (they even carry organic quinoa!)...loblaw's, any heath food store of course.

        1. You can get it anywhere these days. I've gotten at the Bulk Barn, Loblaws, Dominion. Of course you can also get it at any natural grocery store such as The Big Carrot, Ambrosia or Whole Foods.

          1. Noah's definitely has it... maybe even in bulk.

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              I would think it'd be cheaper at the Bulk Barn where I just got it a few weeks ago than at Noah's.