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Quinoa in Toronto

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Does anyone know where i can find Quinoa in Toronto?
It seems like something thats very hard to find...is it under a different name?


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  1. Not hard to find. I'm not sure you'd find it at Bulk Barn or a conventional grocery store, but I have had no difficulty at places like The Big Carrot and Whole Foods and other "health food" stores.

    1. shouldn't be too difficult to find...bulk barn probably does carry it. i know john vince foods does (they even carry organic quinoa!)...loblaw's, any heath food store of course.

        1. You can get it anywhere these days. I've gotten at the Bulk Barn, Loblaws, Dominion. Of course you can also get it at any natural grocery store such as The Big Carrot, Ambrosia or Whole Foods.

          1. Noah's definitely has it... maybe even in bulk.

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              I would think it'd be cheaper at the Bulk Barn where I just got it a few weeks ago than at Noah's.

            2. We bought some a few months back at Rube's Rice on the bottom floor of St. Lawrence Market. They had a few different varieties in different price ranges, if I recall.

              1. I get mine in Kensington Market. My favourite is the easternmost dried goods store on the north side of Baldwin near Augusta.

                1. My local Price Chopper carries it in the health food aisle. It should be readily available.

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                    strictly bulk on danforth at Pape has it.

                  2. Hey!
                    Does somebody know also where can i buy Quinoa in larger quantity. Not just these small packages, because this doesn't last long. So is there any store where you can buy food on wholesale, preferably quinoa included?

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                      I just bought quinoa at The Bulk Barn. I would think all locations have it. (I bought it at the Vic. Park & Danforth one.) They have a huge bin of it, so you can buy as much as you want.

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                        Try the Big Carrot, Noah's probably has it also. I only buy it in bulk and I t'm sure I bought mine at the BC last. You can also try Strictly Bulk, I may have bought some there. http://www.strictlybulk.ca/

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                          I buy organic quinoa at Noah's on Yonge quite frequently. I know what you mean about small packages. I always buy quite a bit. However, I don't know how the prices compares, esp. since it is organic (which is generally a bit more).

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                            I used to get mine in huge bags from a store owner who had access to tons of wholesale organic grains and foods.. I don't know if he'll order it for you but you could try.
                            Maybe call first and ask before making the trip.

                          2. I can get quinoa at Bulk Barn, but does anyone know where i can find "quinoa pasta"?

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                              I know it's not quite what you're looking for but I've purchased kamut & quinoa pasta from Loblaws. It's an Eden Organic product.

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                                How does that taste? I've been trying to find a good tasting and healthy pasta. I use the white Capelli with whole grain (I have no idea how they do that and it makes me a little uneasy not knowing) but I don't like the taste of the whole wheat that's all dark---too gritty. So just wondering how that kamut/quinoa one tastes?

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                                  You're testing my memory as it's been a while since I've had it but I do remember liking it. It had more texture than a white pasta (maybe the grittyness you mentioned) but I didn't mind this as I don't generally like white pasta. I don't think I helped you much on taste. Sorry! I did pick up a fresh vegan whole wheat pasta from the Liberty Village farmer's market this past Sunday. It had a creamy texture to it (don't recall much in the way of grit) and it was tasty but it didn't do well as leftovers - basically turned into mush.

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                                    Ah pity. Pasta is the only place where I prefer white flour; I'd love to find a product that would help me with that but then maybe my taste is too narrow when it comes to pasta...

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                                      I quite like Misura whole wheat fettuccine. I get mine at Grande Cheese (several locations in GTA). They also carried a spelt/farro pasta I liked very much but have forgotten the name.

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                                  Thanks Sman, i'll check it out.
                                  I don't prefer rice pasta so i'm hoping this is similar to quinoa, which i don't mind.

                              2. FYI so far i only see quinoa pasta at Ambrosia, still looking...

                                1. Costco currently has a large bag of it for something like $9.

                                  1. I was also going to mention Costco - 4 large bags at the cost of one small one at the health food store.
                                    Another option is starting a co-op an ONFC (Ontario Natural Food Co-op). You need 5 members in a collective group to join and you get your health food products at cost.

                                    As for pasta- there is also a Salba pasta available that is quite dense and highly nutritious. I get mine at Fiesta Farms.

                                    Fiesta Farms
                                    200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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                                      A friend went to the Scarborough Costco for me last weekend and couldn't find it. Could i possibly get more information? I assumed dry pasta but could it be fresh? Name brand? Costco location?

                                      1. Fiesta Farms or Qi Herbs & Nutrition. Karma Co-op carries both red and white quinoa in bulk .

                                        Fiesta Farms
                                        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                                        1. The Markham Costco on Woodbine always has it. Organic Quinoa from the US. Much cheaper than Bulk Barn.

                                          1. the bulk stores on baldwin st. in kensington market sell it