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Nov 1, 2007 07:18 AM

Challah from Savenor's

I've heard that Cheryl Ann's challah is great. I have seen challah for sale at the Savenor's on Kirkland St. and vaguely recall it may have been Cheryl Ann's, but I have never bought it. Is it Cheryl Ann's, or is it good in any event? I'm going to use it for french toast. Since I hear that Cheryl Ann's is quite sweet, I'm likely to reduce the amount of sugar called for in the batter. Has anyone made french toast with the challah from Savenor's, and how did it turn out? thanks. Also, since they don't always have it in, any tips on the best time to find it available? I will call the store but they might not give me a straight answer.

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  1. I love Cheryl Ann's challah - although, to me, it's more like dessert than the challah I grew up with. Anyway, you can get it at Savenor's on Kirkland. I often stop by there on Friday afternoon and they usually have it - but be forewarned - it's expensive (like $7 maybe?). We always make French toast with it on Saturday mornings and I don't add any sugar to it, although we all eat it smothered in maple syrup.

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      If they're ever out at Savenor's, you can always go across the street to the Buscuit (formerly Toscanini's) for challah at Washington and Beacon streets. They have one with cinnamon swirled throughout that is great for french toast!

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        Thanks to both posters. I'm afraid, however, that I wouldn't trust Toscanini's with challah, as I have found all of their other baked goods (muffins, scones, breads) to be quite dreadful. Perhaps the challah is an exception, but I'm not likely to risk it.

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        The Shaw's Supermarket in the Back Bay carries Cheryl Ann's also, for $4+, that's awful if anyone is charging $7. I've seen loaves and the challah rolls there.

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          Good to know. Does anyone know if the Shaw's in Porter Square has it for the $4 price, or the Star Market on Beacon St. in Somerville?

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          I made the White Chocolate Challah Bread Pudding from Figs with Cheryl Ann's and it was amazing. Very rich, but delicious in small quantities.

        3. Just got an email from Savenor's (I frequent the one on Charles St.). Their current specials are Black Bear, and Burmese Python.

          Oooo, my next Patriot's tailgate is gonna be fun.

          1. You can also get Cheryl Ann's challah at Pemberton Farms (not Pemberton Market) on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge. I haven't bought it lately but I think the price was closer to $4 than to $7.

            Pemberton Farms & Garden Center
            2225 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

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              Good to know that about Pemberton Farms. I tried at Savenor's this morning and they were sold out, so I wound up going out to Quebrada Baking Co. in Arlington. I called in advance and they were kind enough to reserve two loaves for me, and each just $4.75. I just tried it and it's delicious, so thanks to the hound who recommended Quebrada. Also, I had a cinnamon roll from Quebrada while I was there getting the challah and it was amazing. Another side benefit was that, being in Arlington, I went to Blue Ribbon Barbecue for lunch, for the first time and was immensely pleased by the pulled pork, collard greens, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. Altogether a great Arlington chow kind of day.